This Is The Real Reason Why Big Tech Giants Destroy Thousands Of Data Storage Devices Yearly

Have you ever wondered about what happens to data storage devices located in some of the world’s biggest tech firms? Well, a new report is shedding light on why such companies are busy getting rid of storage devices by destroying them physically.

The report comes to us thanks to The Financial Times which says some of the world’s largest data centers like Amazon and Microsoft end up physically getting rid of such hardware that has data stored in it.

You could well link the notion seen to the death of a mosquito through a nuclear bomb. Moreover, so many global tech firms have opted to get rid of these because they no longer have plans to use them after a certain time.

Other than that, the main reason is linked to the great risk associated with data leaks by cleaning the devices and selling them out in the market. As revealed by one employee at Amazon, one small mistake can lead to data leaks and it can ruin the organization’s reputation. Did we mention the consequences attached to it?

We feel this is a case of better to be safe than sorry and disk wiping is certainly dangerous. Remember, it’s not just firms linked to data center operations that are at risk but also those in the public sector, law enforcement agencies, ministries, and so on and so forth. They all are reported to be involved in physically destroying the hardware for similar reasons.

On the other hand, news from data center gear decommissioning ended up being blown up into a mega-industry. So many professionals are busy working here and they argue that such practices need to be eliminated.

Getting rid of endpoints and then allowing them to be sold in second markets brings out numerous benefits with little to no risk. But the key point here is that it needs to be done accurately.

Remember, a lot of the things required to produce data storage centers are difficult to find. In the same way, some things like the refurbished gear aren’t underperforming to such a great extent when you compare it to newer gear. Hence, all in all, it makes a lot of sense as far as the front of performance is concerned. Above all, the costs are less and it’s healthier for the environment too.

For this, experts are needed because if not done right, the consequences in the form of a disaster are lot.

Just ask firms like Morgan Stanley who received a mega fine in September after making a deal with an inexperienced firm to take care of such hard drive tasks.

The firm not only failed to eradicate the data stored in the disks properly but those in charge ended up selling the devices through online means. And these still had a lot of data stored in them. The end result in the form of consequences was devastating.

It triggered a very painful response from the American Securities & Exchange Commission. And to end the legal battle, a payout of nearly $35 million was sought as a settlement.

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