Uber Launches New Advertising Division While Unveiling In-App Ads Experience To Gain More Revenue

Uber has launched its own advertising division and also put its in-app ad experiences in the spotlight.

The new venture is called Journey Ads and it’s designed to enable more revenue generation, the company recently confirmed on Wednesday.

Uber is looking to put a lot of ad space for sale inside the famous transport and Uber Eats application. Similarly, it wants to incorporate variations in digital advertising inside its vehicles too. This may include sponsored emails and also plenty of storefront ads as well.

In the past, we’ve seen the company include several types of verticals that are usually focused on transport. These were launched to help in bringing forward an increase in revenue generation. But it didn’t go too well in the firm’s favor and slowly, the company began dropping the options, one by one.

We saw the firm get rid of eVTOL unit, disabled its Jump e-Bikes, and even went about selling out its self-driving vehicle unit called Uber ATG. Similarly, it bid farewell to its Robotics Arms too.

But if there’s one reliable method through which so many digital companies are earning, it’s the world of advertising. And while it may have been a long time coming for Uber, it’s finally here.

Be it media outlets or Netflix, many are arriving late to the party but at least they're making the most of it and Uber wishes to do the same.

In the month of February of this year, we saw the company mention on its investor’s day how it was keen to enter into this direction. It wished to have some more growth in terms of its ads business and targets were set out to be $1 billion by next year.

While we don’t know exactly what types of data will be featured, a recent one was linked to the sports world and many who witnessed it weren’t huge fans. They called it out for being too over the top and not something that would make anyone love NFL again.

At the moment, we’re seeing the new venture bring on board nearly 40 different partners. Common big names include Heineken, United Artists, NBC, and more. Thankfully, riders will not be bombarded with apps when the app is opened up.

Instead, the company wants to focus more on brands having a 100% share during the rider’s trip. Other than Journey Ads, Uber is planning on introducing options where ad options can be purchased like sponsored listings seen on Uber Eats, ads placed between menus, emails that are sponsored, and even ads that pop up after checking out as well.

In the same way, you’ll find Uber conducting a new type of advertising in places like San Francisco and even in places like Los Angeles.

But what’s an ad business like without any form of trending insights? Well, Uber wants to assist brands in making wider connections and will also fill them in with some great insights linked to ads performance.

It’s a way to know what all foodies and travelers are interested in at the moment. So as you can see, it’s kind of like capturing the minds of the app’s most avid users.

As Uber recently confirmed via its blog post, it has a huge audience of global users. These people are coming with business in their minds and they want the app to know where they’re going, what they want, and more. Such users of Uber’s services can be engaged to better see how they’re liking the experience and what more they’d like to see to gain more insight on the matter.

It’s a smart move we believe and one that can bring about promising returns, considering the billions of global fans this brand has.

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