Google Enables Android Users To Add Emojis To Texts From iPhones But There’s A Catch

Google announced relief for Android users and this included the option to respond to texts from iPhones using emojis. However, it’s not that simple and comes with a catch.

Android users will now be getting the chance to include reactions in the form of emojis to various text messages sent out by iPhone users on the app Google Messages. It’s a rollout that was announced today but will be launched in the next few weeks to various global destinations.

There’s been a lot of begging and pleading by Android users to Apple’s Tim Cook to get on board with RCS and its respective protocol. This way, communicating would be so much simpler for so many people. But Tim Cook refused and instead told one Apple user to ask their friends to get on board with an iPhone as that would solve the matter immediately.

On iOS, all messages lack the classic support needed for RCS. Hence, even if emojis are sent out by an Android user on the phone, they would come in the form of irritating follow-up texts on the iPhone as reported recently by CNET.

You will be weirded out by what some of them go on to state. Think along the lines of, ‘John reacts with a heart to your ‘let's go out!”- yes that’s how a message would appear.

The head of Google’s Messages application, Jan Jedrzejowicz spoke to CNET and mentioned that now the ball lies in Apple’s court. They will now need to decide if they’d like to process those texts into a proper reaction that allows for tap-back responses on their devices or not.

We feel the feature is a great attempt being made by Google to lend an olive branch to the Cupertino firm to come forward and accept the gesture of showing support for RCS on their iPhone devices. Who wants follow-up messages in the first place? Don’t you agree?

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