Twitter’s New 3D ‘Twemoji’ Stickers Could Be The Next Big Trend On The Platform

Twemoji stickers were rolled out to the masses last week by Twitter and by the looks of it, this could slowly turn into the next big trend on the platform.

Talk about great creativity in terms of the app’s image editor, not to mention a fabulous replacement of 2D versions that are being replaced into bigger and better stickers.

We have to say that these new stickers are very shiny, appealing, and attractive. And it’s no wonder why users of the app are very intrigued by what’s on offer.

A few examples were put forward and it’s interesting to see how some users turn to collage art that utilizes 3D Twemoji as its integral part.

This just might be the next huge trend to take on board when we look at things from the perspective of marketing. Moreover, such stickers serve as the ultimate option in terms of stellar digital art pieces located on the app. But how exactly does the whole thing work?

H/T: Audrey Davis.

For starters, simply click an image using the camera seen on the app by pressing the composer button that has a + icon. Next, select the option for a camera that’s located on the screen’s bottom window. Then click an image using your smartphone’s camera and then press the ‘Use Photo’ to move it toward the editing stage.

Next up, you press on the image and then go on to select the icon designated for the smiley face that’s seen on the screen. This will bring up an array of different Twemoji options. Moreover, you can include nearly 25 different Twemojis in just one picture. This is expanded and really minimized in a manner that it fits epically.

It’s basically all about requiring a blank canvas picture to start off with and then including some Twemoij pictures to enhance the scene.

While we agree that such a trend won’t be lasting long, one thing is for sure. It’s definitely going to be worth a try and experimentation with your friends so you’re better accustomed to the trend. Moreover, you can even include a range of Twemoji options in your marketing strategy as a brand.

In the same way, you could be experimenting with something like this as a great way to get into exploring digital creations or be opposed to the concept as a whole. Both ways, it’s a great consideration worth your time.

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