Twitter Updates Its Professional Account Feature With Innovative Analytics Display

Renowned social media app Twitter was recently seen updating its Professional Accounts using a brand new display for analytics.

This provides a new overview of the entire account performance, meaning how well or how poor your account does in terms of engagement.

A new graphic released by the firm shed light on the Professional Home display on the screen that puts a general overview of every performance stat such as Tweet impressions, the rate at which engagement is taking place, and also the number of profile visits with link clicks.

Twitter was seen explaining recently in its public blog how the new dashboard provides so many advantages to users around the world. This way, they can seamlessly track their performance, find all sorts of offerings of various products, and then tap into a number of resources.

In case you might be wondering, yes, these were seen in the past too as a part of the app’s Analytics tool. But now, the only difference is linked to a reformat that opens the door for the app to produce all sorts of improvements linked to display. Similarly, it’s sure to provide a lot of insights over time as well.

As you can imagine, it makes it so much easier to understand how a user’s performance is configured over time through a single screen. And that just adds a whole new degree of simplicity, we feel.

Moreover, there are even a few links related to the professional account menu and tools related to the insights dashboard.

So as you can tell, the change is not major but definitely something that’s super handy, one way or the other. And that’s true when you’re considering brands that begin on the app.

As it is, Twitter has been busy adding an array of professional tools in the past year. And now, this might pave the way for more improvements in the future.

So if you’re interested, you should definitely be keeping an eye out for that. Moreover, you can even go about gaining access to the app’s Professional Home by clicking on the More button that’s seen on the right side menu on Twitter’s Desktop version. Next, click on Professional Home.

It’s always great to keep your workings on the app in check so that you can get better with every passing day.

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