Twitter Tests A New NFT Integration Comprising Links Offering Previews Of NFT Artworks

Twitter is experimenting with another new feature and this time around, it’s related to the world of NFTs.

The new feature in question puts NFT artworks as preview displays whenever a link is publicly shared for digital products at specific marketplaces.

For now, Blue subscribers on the app can be seen putting their NFTs for public viewing across profile pictures. It’s now also providing a lot more options in terms of artwork for NFTs that don’t cost anything since they’re made from URLs, not exactly a crypto wallet.

This would assist Twitter in feeding a lot of things into its surrounding community discussions across the app.

So as you can see, this is part of Twitter’s new range of presentation experiments. The app is putting out several new links on the preview for a number of specific publications. They include bigger images, different font sizes, and some prominent CTAs that drive more clicks. This is done so that Twitter gets equipped with the best publishers out there through more traffic that’s referred its way.

It’s quite similar to a new process linked to NFT listings. This would assist Twitter to lean into the world of NFT discussion that many felt had disappeared a while back on the app. Remember, a lot of people felt NFTs had disappeared but there is still a huge chunk of the community that still adores them and sees the great potential in them.

It wouldn’t be wrong to say that a lot of the NFT enthusiast community is interested in connecting with so many people that share similar interests. They want to spend funds and put their community on display.

This might be one reason why Twitter and a few other social media apps are going through painstaking efforts to make such endeavors possible. See, the goal is to have NFT discussions and build the NFT community to a point where engagement through such means gets possible.

We see this as one of Twitter’s main focus points and whether or not the platform will lean further into the crypto world and the era of Web3, only time can tell. But this is definitely a smart start. Remember, the decisions are coming at a time when you’ve got CEO Elon Musk being the new owner of Twitter. And he has already made plenty of startling shakeups in the firm on day one.

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