Google is adding a manual refresh button to something that is supposed to refresh automatically

When we are in a hurry to complete some work and opening the app can take a lot of time, Widgets are always there to help by enabling users to access that app without even opening it, right from the home screen. Widgets help you access all the main features of one app without ever needing to open the app.

Of course, with Google’s phones, there is a widget function called at a glance which offers you the ability to add important information to your home screen like Weather, Meetings, etc. with efficiency. Almost all of these widgets update constantly while in the background without ever needing to be refreshed all the time, especially the widgets that show the weather. But, focus on the world Almost, because that is exactly what Google is adding to its latest update for Widgets.

Yes, you read that right there will now be a new refresh button added specifically for when the widgets have gone to sleep and are not cooperating with you. Google’s Digital Wellbeing is introducing this feature so that users can remind the Widget that it has to stay in the present if it ever slacks off.

The widget will also show you how much time you have spent on your phone and whether should you be on it this much. The feature also has a neat graph-type thing that will show you what your top 3 apps were based on the time you spent on them that made the screen time soar so high. The widget can also be set to dark modes and offers support for the You Dynamic setting as well. However, there has been a slight Glitch identified by the Android Police team from time to time, that the Widget sometimes fails to keep up with the current time and stops refreshing itself, and then it needs to be manually reset.

So, Google has added this feature to the top-right corner of the widget, but the real question is why Is Google even bothering with it? Instead of fixing the auto-refresh, Google is taking the support of this manual refresh which almost destroys the purpose of this feature. This feature was made so people could have real-life updates whenever they wanted it at any time any place given they had an internet or data connection. But, needing to refresh it yourself is completely different from what this was invented for and we think it is quite weird that google is doing this.

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