App Store Guidelines By Apple Force Telegram To Remove Paid Posts From the iOS App

This past year, we saw the popular messaging platform Telegram bring forward a new paid subscription for its users. The whole idea was to unlock an array of unique features for users that wouldn’t be available otherwise. But now, we feel the app is on a unique mission to generate more revenue through the messaging service.

What’s even more interesting has to do with the platform adding a new mode for payments across iOS so it can bypass any in-app purchases seen on the App store.

A recently published statement by the app went into detail about how the firm no longer tests features linked to paid posts. They are now more keen on having creators use third-party donations and other features like bots that are ‘pay-to-view’.

Yesterday, the company’s CEO went public with how he felt the app hasn’t ever charged any of its users for different transactions done through such bots. As news spread, the company also requested the tech giant to eliminate the feature through the iOS app.

Thanks to social media enthusiast Matt Navarra, we’ve got the news that some channels on the app are already making the most of the feature, enabling creators to make extra funds by charging users that wish to look at particular texts. While the feature isn’t something that’s been announced officially by the company so that means it’s still in its trial phase.

But what we did find interesting is how the story shed light on paid posts being found on the platform’s app across iOS devices. Here, the app is making sure users utilize their own systems for payment instead of the in-app purchase system by the App Store.

It’s still not clear if Apple is aware of plans for Telegram but that’s a far-stretched reality because in-app content through alternative systems for payments is not in line with the App Store’s policy.

Those developers that do offer paid forms of content across apps are needed to do so via the company’s in-app purchase offers. There is a clear exception for those arising in the theme of ‘reading’. They are told to redirect users to pay for different subscriptions on external websites. Meanwhile, in places like South Korea, Apple continues to be forced with the task to enable developers to utilize alternative modes for payments, which won’t be seen with Telegram.

Obviously, Telegram will be trying to bypass the rule on the App Store’s system which prevents it from paying the standard 30% commission fee for each sale across Apple.

But the news is not too shocking for tech experts around the globe. We’re seeing a major battle take center stage between both tech giants Apple and Telegram.

Telegram CEO Durov has criticized the Cupertino firm on numerous occasions relating to the strict rules found on the App Store. Meanwhile, updates linked to Telegram’s app on iOS devices were seen being rejected by the tech giant for making so many violations of the firm’s guidelines like copying the emoji design for iOS.

For now, there is no confirmation regarding when the update is going to be up for grabs for the majority. However, if Telegram is really keen on putting out some paid posts without the App Store’s famous ‘in-app purchases’ then we’re definitely going to be seeing a new battle arise sooner than later.

Hence, we’ll be keeping an eye out for that and will keep you updated accordingly if and when that happens.

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