Twitter Reportedly Begins Reviews Of Its Policies For Permanent Bans

There has been plenty of activity taking place in the world of Twitter, including the back-and-forth drama regarding billionaire Elon Musk and his ever-changing plans for the mega acquisition deal. But despite that, the app seems to be on a mission to review its policies that surround permanent bans.

With a social platform as famous as this, it makes sense why such an app cannot keep its guard down at any time. There’s a lot at stake and the network is no stranger to imposing such bans.

Yes, it’s the most stringent punishment out there when you’re using the platform. And one of the most prominent examples has to do with former US President Donald Trump. He was barred from the app around two years back. And if we wanted to dig out one of the most recent examples, well, rapper Kanye West has to be it. He’s been called out for his fiery tweets that many call derogatory and unacceptable so we’re seeing them be deleted with immediate effect.

But if Musk does come into power soon, which rumors are deeming to be a reality, there’s going to be a new change on the app as the Tesla billionaire had promised on day one. And that’s become Musk has been very vocal that such bans shouldn’t exist in the first place.

The news comes to us thanks to a new article published by The Financial Times. It speaks in detail about how a permanent ban may be required to replace such a penalty with something major. Moreover, one outlet was seen speaking about the huge penalty getting replaced by something other. And Twitter might be speaking between the lines in this regard as revealed by Reuters recently.

Twitter says they’ve been guiding their work thanks to core factors such as control, choice, equality, and transparency. That is what their foundation is built upon and it’s what will continue to be a part of their approach. With time, things will evolve and so will this approach, making sure core values remain in place.

A few months back, Elon Musk criticized the types of bans in place, calling out all sorts of penalties. He added that such punishments should only be reserved for those people who direct spam accounts. And if there is a real human being that’s putting out a tweet that’s illegal or even destructive, well, the punishment should be something more relaxing.

How about a temporary suspension or even a small timeout perhaps? At the moment, we are not sure if it was Elon Musk’s own comments that may have caused such a discussion to occur in the first place. But it does seem the platform is making way for amendments in the future.

Whether or not the app does change its policy or not, well, only time can tell. But we bet there’s bound to be plenty of discussion on the matter regarding this front. We’re only waiting for the mega $44 billion acquisition deal to come forward.

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