Trouble For Twitter As App Reports Losing Out On Its Most Active Users

Twitter was once considered to be home to some of the most opinionated and talkative tweeters out there.

The name-heavy tweeters were reserved for such individuals who love to speak their minds on the app but a new report proves how the platform is losing out on such individuals.

Yes, heavy tweeters are nowhere to be seen and their figures as declining with each passing day.

Those that once considered the app as their home are no longer returning and that has to do with how their interests are altering from those seen in the past.

The new report comes to us thanks to the news outlet Reuters. It says those defined as a user that logged into the site on a daily basis and tweeted up to three times a week have now disappeared.

While the news might not sound like a huge deal to you right now, the reality is that they were a very valuable part of the app and accounted for a small fraction of the number of monthly active users out there. These generated around 90% of the tweets seen on the platform and also added to the app’s revenue globally.

We saw the first drop in such activity take place during the era of the pandemic. And even those topics or themes that were once openly discussed are no longer being done. It’s really unclear as to why that’s happening.

People that loved to tweet in the past have been observed to leave accounts idle. Moreover, those people remaining active tend to lean more toward matters that the app was never famous for in the past. So as you can see, user interests are also altering with time.

Users adored talking about the world of news, politics, and entertainment, once upon the time. Today, people are uberly interested in matters like fashion and the celeb world.

Other shocking topics that are really trending on the app include the likes of cryptocurrency and NSFW content.

So one conclusion that can be drawn is that people are leaving the platform because things being spoken about are not serving their interests anymore. Ok, so the report by Reuters fails to admit or acknowledge any of that.

But it’s not all bad for the app. As recently mentioned by the app’s representative, Twitter is busy attracting different users each month and this way, new user counts are definitely on the rise.

So far, we know that old users have left and new ones are coming in. But where did the heavy tweets go?

Well, one reacher for the app says that the huge fall in activity linked to topics like the celeb world and the world of fashion has to do with apps such as Instagram and even TikTok.

In the past, the world of e-sports was leading personalities were trending among those regular users of the platform. But today, the activity has been shifted more toward websites that are video-friendly like Twitch, YouTube, and even the likes of TikTok.

Even when it comes to the world of news and current affairs, the popular video app TikTok is taking a giant lead.

At least a third of those people using apps like TikTok says they’re getting all the news and alerts they need through this app so why switch to another?

But you’ll be intrigued to learn how the consumption of topics like news remains the same on various other platforms across social media.

So that’s the report’s study and we’re curious to see if Twitter is actually going to do something about it.

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