Netflix Rolls Out Ability To Transfer Profiles From An Old Account To A New One

For a while now, we’ve seen the famous streaming service Netflix struggle with the issue of account sharing.

It’s a problem that the platform says has cost it millions because users are keener on sharing passwords with others, instead of purchasing their own accounts. And the end result was nothing but financial woes.

Therefore, the streaming service has decided to make a few changes, as was announced previously and that included making users unhappy by charging them for password shares.

Some countries are already being forced to do so but it’s yet to be rolled out globally. But now, we’re hearing about another recent rollout that is allowing for instant account transfers.

Hence old account holders can now transfer accounts to new ones, granting the latter independence from the original account holder. The reason why is yet to be announced by the firm but it doesn’t appear to be linked to password sharing. Instead, it’s more likely related to moving out from shared homes or simply putting an end to relationships.
This can be done easily through a tool that enables profile transfers. The platform claims it’s great for those moving out of a shared residence, their family’s home, or perhaps those just wishing to end the relationship.

One of the best things about this news is how the New Profile Transfers enables users to safely keep their viewing history and any recommendations. This includes the likes of games, their personalized lists, and other settings linked to their profiles.

But there is one catch, as would be expected. You can’t go from one account to another account with so much ease. Moreover, to begin a new transfer, you will be required to head on over to the profile’s settings, enter the option for transfer, and then go through the guidelines enlisted in a step-by-step manner.

This feature would be launched soon for all around the world beginning today. But we do feel the press release about the offering fails to include all details. Who knows, maybe it’s really that simple after all.

Once you’re done, the person who owns the actual account would be notified and that’s that.

We feel the timing for this launch couldn’t be more perfect. Remember, it’s only been days since Netflix went public with its new option for tiers that come with ads. Hence, they’re cheaper in price but you’ll have to withstand ads popping up before and during your favorite shows.

The price is nearly $7 a month and this particular plan will be expanded to at least 12 different countries by next month.

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