Top 10 workplace apps with the most confusing features

Covid has brought the trend of working from home in the spotlight, which also means office workers need to turn up their laptops and find the best workplace app to join the meeting with friends and colleagues. Multiple apps allow workers to work from home with more ease. And as per study there are some apps people would likely avoid because of their mystified features.

Based on a research, Digital Adoption compiled a list of top 10 most confusing workplace apps that people are most confused about or do not understand some of their features.

The results demonstrate that the most confusing app is considered to be QuickBooks, with 68,320 people searching for help related to it. QuickBooks is not an easy app, and people have so many questions regarding the system. On the second number comes Microsoft Excel with 49,490 queries, with a decrease of nearly 20,000 queries.

Moreover, other apps fall below Microsoft Excel, for instance, Shopify comes in third place with 44,720 support searches. Then comes the 800-pound gorilla of CRM Salesforce, Square, Microsoft OneDrive, Microsoft teams, and Zoom, our very own preferred device during the pandemic. WordPress and Dropbox have received the lowest of queries as compared to the other workplace apps.

The main reason behind this research was to find out people’s queries and the perplexing question they usually ask Google Search. Which app confuses people while working on it and how many YouTube videos help them understand the system? While on the hunt for it all, the researchers take advantage of SEO to gather together all the keywords people usually search to see which apps get the most help requests from Google. Ahrefs SEO tool was used to find out about confusing workplace apps.

Some of the apps on the list are old, so people often forget about them. However, people still have concerns regarding the functions of Dropbox and Microsoft Word. Even though both applications were understandable before any update, individuals have begun asking Google questions such as "what is OneDrive."

This question alone gets 14,000 queries on the internet, which means that new updates in the system are more confusing than ever. Windows 11 has changed the whole system and brought new features to enhance its apps. But the updates put people in a tight spot to ask such questions.

The last one to make it on the list was Dropbox, but it seems like people are getting confused by the app as well. It will take no time for Dropbox to join the other apps and supersede WordPress.

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