A Wide Majority of Americans Favor Better Data Transparency from In Charge Law Enforcement Institutions

A recent survey shows that over 93 percent of Americans prefer data transparency from law enforcement institutions.

Data transparency plays a vital role for any state/nation. With data transparency, the public is sure that higher and in-charge authorities are working for them. A visual representation of data is also a public right. Track records of criminal activities, usage of forces, and proper dealing with the current crisis are the facts and figures the state's citizens must be well aware of;

Regarding data transparency, almost 45 percent Americans feel that their local police are not transparent in terms of data. Also, a majority of people believe that their local police are not ready when it comes to cybersecurity challenges. According to them, their police department is not up to the mark when it comes to modernized technology and its applications to guard critical data.

With modernized technology, data breaches and identity thefts are the most common. Therefore, 83 percent of Americans believe there should not be any confidentiality when various companies are handing public data to police officers or higher authorities, as public data is an important asset for any country/nation.

With emerging technologies, cybersecurity challenges play a vital role in any country. As per the surveys and recent news, the public demands high and better data transparency so they might get saved from identity thefts and online scams. The bright side of emerging technology is that with advanced Artificial Intelligence and other data-harnessing methods, stable and secure connections are provided to the public with real-time data for police and higher authorities.

Besides this, out of 1020 surveyed US citizens, only 7 percent preferred total confidentiality of their data. Whereas 93 percent voted that there must be higher data transparency of any type of data and they must be well aware of activities around them.

Another misconception that arose from surveyed Americans was the immaturity of police. According to 44 percent of surveyed people, the police department lags in its duties and daily roles. According to them, instead of working on updated information and dealing with critical workflows, the majority of the police department is busy with social media, personal matters, and mobile phones during their duty hours.

Moreover, according to the surveyed people, their police department must be well-trained to defend against cybersecurity challenges. According to them, local police must be well-aware of modern technologies and their applications to guard crucial information.

Last but not least, for better data transparency, enforcement agencies must utilize cloud-native and emerging technologies that prioritize safety and ensure better security and availability of data for the public and in-charge enforcement officials.

To conclude, as per surveyed people, they must be provided with better data transparency and activities going around. Also, according to them, the major stakeholders of the country must be well-trained and accountable to face emerging challenges and protect crucial public data. As data confidentiality plays a vital role for any state/nation.
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