Creators Say They Feel Taken Advantage Of By Large Apps And Their Associated Algorithms

Most of the creators who were surveyed by a famous company called Patreon say they’re not generally happy.

According to them, most large-scale apps are taking advantage of them and misusing them to take on board plenty of benefits.

The study had at least 1500 different content creators and many of them didn’t even utilize Patreon. Then about 70% of creators went on to add that they felt social media apps are putting them in a risky position that won’t benefit them. And it’s amazing how 60% of such individuals were actually relying on the apps to put forward work.

If we had to speak about numbers, then about 75% of content creators mentioned in their survey queries how they wanted more diversity in their offerings but thanks to the algorithms of various platforms, they just can’t put out what is the absolute best for them.

This was a survey that took place during a three-month duration last year.

Some more interesting findings from the survey related to 73% of people not loving the algorithms and how particular they are about what they want from the app’s creators. But remember, the algorithms are helping to place such creators in places like followers’ feeds who didn’t even know about them.

Then a whopping 75% feel algorithms are punishing them in case they’re a part of the creator bunch who isn’t publishing constantly. Meanwhile, a staggering 40% feel they’re having major trouble using the app to get the reach they desire. Common locations highlighted included the likes of TikTok and Instagram.

So as you can see, many apps may feel like they’re the best thing out there for creators and are their perfect tool but creators aren’t too happy as confirmed by this survey. They’re making you depend on something that makes you on the edge of reliance so heavy that all your earnings are through them only.

Patreon is not being called out for the first time. It was initially launched in the year 2013 and many people saw it going head-to-head against leading tech giants. They wished to be at a place where creators monetize their offerings. And pointing out some flaws of feeds driven through algorithms puts its own business strategy in the limelight for audiences to observe.

And this provides it with a massive way to get paid as it links creators with audiences and makes use of a share from that ordeal.
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