Tim Cook shared the five traits that Apple seeks in employees

For those who want to come and work with the tech giant Apple, the Chief Executive Officer of the company has shared what they look for in applicants while hiring them for a job.

Tim Cook shared his vision during an event in which he was presented with an honorary degree from the famous Italy-based Naples Federico University.

The most important trait Tim highlighted was the ability to care and take steps that are meant to make the world a better place.

According to Cook, Apple has hired several employees who want to make a difference in the world. People who are aiming to provide a more healthy lifestyle to others and those who don’t want to cause any more damage to their homeland. Tim believes that passion like this plays an important role in making people give their best every time.

The second key trait highlighted by the CEO was the ability to perform as a team member. As explained by Tim, when two people work side by side and share their views, the other can add more to it and can make the vision brighter. This is why working in a two-man team is considered an important trait at Apple.
The next step is creativity. Since it is a tech company, it is essential to come up with more innovative ideas and to view things differently. If a problem persists, the person should be able to view it differently rather than get stuck.

The ability to ask questions may sound annoying to some, but Apple sees it as a skill that comes with letting someone on board with the company. Being curious and asking questions about it, putting pressure on the other person to focus on how they are about to answer one’s query, is a trait loved by Tim.

Lastly, Apple believes that the company should always make sure that if someone is right for the company, then the company is also right for them and not just the other way around. Cook is leading his company. Just like the late Steve Jobs, who was famous for his working hours, Cook is also famous for staying up late with his employees, and making sure that work gets done.

H/T: Fortune

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