Google Puts Its Cybersecurity Team In The Spotlight With New Docuseries

In today’s modern time, cybersecurity is extremely important. And most firms are making sure their online portals are as safe and protected as can be. After all, what better priority than safety?

Therefore, when it came down to a search engine giant like Google, you can only imagine how high the stakes would be. Hence, if you were ever curious about how Google actually goes about its security, well, think no more.

The company is going public with how it offers state-of-the-art defense for its various products against some of the most modern forms of cyberattacks. It’s interesting to see how the company is providing an insider’s look at it all through the eyes of a docuseries named Hacking Google.

This is a six-part program and it puts in focus various security teams that are responsible for protecting the tech giant from constant threats.

The program even goes as far as shedding light on a mega cyber attack that arose in 2009 called Operation Aurora where the firm managed to offer great resilience against a huge threat.

Google was left with no choice but to overcome the entire cybersecurity approach which set up new teams that made it a frontrunner in the threat landscape. Similarly, more light is shed on some more huge threats. Hence, all tech enthusiasts are encouraged to give at least one watch. And if an added touch, you can even take part in Google’s challenge called Hacking Google.

This is a game that tests how attentive you are in searching for clues hidden throughout the series. These will assist in cracking down a total of 24 different puzzles.

The news of the new show comes at a time when we are just a few days ahead of the company’s hardware launch program. This is where the tech giant is set to put its much-anticipated products on display.

Common examples include the Pixel Watch and the Pixel 7 series. This entails the new Nest Home digital products.

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