Twitter Status Undergoes Expansion Of ‘Potential Status Updates’ But Blue Subscribers Aren’t Included

A famous throwback functionality of Twitter called Twitter Status is getting an expansion of its list of options for status updates. This is stated to be a continuation of the tests which started in July of this year.

Many are looking at the launch as a crossover between both Facebook and Myspace. And this is where users are going to be getting the chance to tag different posts along with a new expression that goes beyond the usual tweet. For instance, ‘Picture of the Day’ or ‘Spoiler Alert’, or ‘Shower Toughts’ are some of the many examples.

But now, there’s going to be an expansion of Twitter Status options in the form of slang. This would enable users to tag tweets with certain examples like ‘Don’t @me’ and others like ‘That’s it, it’s the Tweet’.

This expansion was first seen by a researcher called Jane Manchun Wong. And on Monday, we saw the app send out a confirmation about it being added to testers.

Then you’ve got some more of the classics included in the list. For instance, ‘Dear Diary’ or ‘Living the dream’  or ‘breaking news’ or ‘Grateful’. The list is really long.

This experiment isn’t one of those early access functionalities that are given to the app’s exclusive members of the Blue Subscription. Instead of that, it’s getting the chance to add statuses to tweets that have been seen by a selected group of American users on the app. But with this new launch, users from Australia are getting added as well.

After getting access to the new status, users will get to witness an array of new statuses that they can select from. And Twitter says even users from Australia will soon get the chance to avail of the feature too.

But the biggest question has to do with why Twitter’s most exclusive members are being denied this functionality. After all, the Blue members were promised extra features and the latest updates. Here, the picture is a little different.

As of now, such members can benefit from the likes of great news reading, options for personalization, and the earliest access to new experiments. But wait, that does not mean all new tests for the latest products are going to be given to paid subscribers.

When the app’s podcasts came into existence, Blue users didn’t get access to the launch. Instead, podcasts were coming to random groups within a huge mobile audience that arose in August. This was right before they brought up podcasts to so many paid subscribers in the next month. Hence, you can think of this as something like that.

Some questions were put forward as to why Blue members were being omitted from the test. And that’s when we got to know how through their spokesperson how only some tests were restricted to Blue Subscribers and the rest were for the broader public audience.

This decision is a little poor on Twitter’s part if you ask the experts. They feel the strategy wasn’t played right. Paying for a subscription and then witnessing those get the feature for free first while you’re denied it sounds incredibly bizarre. We can only imagine what the members are thinking. Why not fulfill the perks that you had been promised?

If Twitter’s excuse is that a larger group was needed for the test, well, they needed to include these subscribers in that. To make them feel better, the company says such paid users will get more high-end features such as NFT profile images and the Edit button.

This latter feature was also launched to Blue subscribers in different regions of the world like Canada and New Zealand. It was just days after the app teased the new feature for edits last week. However, the US market is yet to be included.

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