TikTok Introduces New Ad Unit That Only Charges Advertisers When Ads Are Watched

TikTok has always been a leader in terms of innovation. And its latest rollout is the perfect example of just that and more.

The firm was seen positioning itself as a major solution for performance, not to mention how it would be stealing a share of the market from rivals including the likes of Meta and YouTube.

This came in the form of a new ad unit that would be charging advertisers only when an ad was watched by the audience.

The new format is being dubbed Focused View for ads and it was officially rolled out today during the company’s World Product event. This is where the mighty unveiling included how brands would be paying solely for the ads watched at a minimum duration of six seconds.

Hence, it would include those ads that are interacted with during the first six seconds, depending on whatever comes in first.

The new Focused View is being created keeping different retailers in mind. This means those advertisements that are shown to various users were the ones paying complete attention and behaving in a voluntary manner with the brand at hand.

A rep from TikTok has noted the changes and highlighted them via a recent email. He added how today’s digital market is constantly evolving and many are expecting a high return in terms of advertising spending. Hence, this way, more and more users would be able to engage better with audiences in the most cost-effective and efficient manner imaginable.

Focused View is now being seen by experts as the future generation of the firm’s Video View campaign. It’s quite similar to YouTube and the app’s practice of letting advertisers go without charging them for the ads that audiences plan on skipping. This was first rolled out by YouTube in the year 2010. Simultaneously, the company also rolled out the TrueView format for ad skipping at the time.

Now, it’s quite evident how so many advertisers are putting great emphasis on strategies for performance while attributing returns on the spending for ads. Moreover, so many consumers are seen limiting their spending as the economy’s situation right now is very uncertain.

The app continues to bet on how this new project is bound to bring fruitful results in terms of attracting as well as retaining different advertisers. This would surely outweigh the various types of revenue lost due to ads not being watched or skipped as a whole.

There is no doubt about the fact that TikTok is usually seen facing great troubles as the ultimate performance app. This is in opposition to the current awareness but it feels the plans are continuing to take center stage and better tools to gauge engagement with ads are now arriving too.

Let’s not forget how the app put out Shopping Ads that would allow for new formats that may be used to highlight various products on the app’s video feed using smart techniques like targeting and optimization of ads.

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