TikTok Teams Up With LinkTree To Bring Forward New Profile Kit

TikTok was recently seen collaborating with LinkTree to bring a new feature to the app called Profile Kit.

As recently confirmed by LinkTree, the collaboration is designed to attract more users from the TikTok app. And that’s because they claim nearly five million users view TikTok’s content thanks to this feature. So as you can tell, the functionality has a lot of thought behind it.

The new feature is for those members working for TikTok’s Developer’s Program. The tools here include the likes of SDK Login which enable users to get on board by signing into platforms belonging to third parties via TikTok credentials.

In the same way, this feature would allow users of the app to log in through Linktree and include nearly six different videos on the profile.

So many Linktree subscribers can gain access to the content now by just staying there and not leaving the platform. Moreover, those with paid plans can even gain entry to the Spotlight Link that puts forward TikTok links of videos whenever users visit the Linktree profile.

The launch of the new feature is coming in the form of a slow release starting today. But it would be up for grabs for business holder accounts on TikTok only for now. In addition to that, any confirmed or non-confirmed users that have greater than 1,000 followers are said to gain the most benefit here.

To include the new functionality, all you need to do is highlight the URL seen on Linktree and enter the edit tab on TikTok’s profile. Add the URL in the place allotted for URLs.

Next, enter the TikTok edit section by pressing the button for Explore. Now press on Add through the app’s TikTok Profile and include a name for that particular link.

Last but not least, include any TikTok account and press the button outlined for Authorization after you see the account has achieved the logged-in status.

Users are allowed to further customize the way their profiles look on Linktree too. Another option is to link accounts of TikTok to any postings on Linktree.

It sounds a little technical at first but after getting the hang of it, users can really make the most of this collaboration that would really benefit thousands. Remember, both Linktree and TikTok reign supreme in terms of popularity so we don’t see why they can’t be successful.

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