Netflix Is Launching A Cheaper Version Of Its Streaming Service That’s Ad-Supported

It was only recently that we heard Netflix was facing an incredible loss in users and demand. This is all thanks to a huge decline in the great figures linked to original subscribers.

At this point in time, the firm knew that it needed to come up with some sort of way to control such a damaging point of no return before it was too late.

The strategy at stake included adding a limit to the shares of passwords and also charging people more and more for account shares. As you can imagine, the news didn’t go down well with a lot of users.

It was almost as if Netflix was on the hunt to find ways to make its users pay more and more.

As a part of the company’s latest means of trying to bring back the love and popularity that users once had for the famous streaming service, now, it’s trying to use some tactics that would make users happy again.

Controlling the damage is not easy and the company knows that. Now, they’re on the verge of using methods that make people pay more yet don’t feel about it.

One of the latest approaches is a new ad-supported platform that costs $7 a month. The plan will be up and running for the next month and around 12 different nations would be supported.

The update was recently published in the form of a newsroom post by the company and more details were outlined linked to this ad-supported endeavor.
Countries that will be able to take advantage of this could be the likes of Brazil, the US, the UK, Canada, Italy, Korea, Spain, Japan, Mexico, and France among a few more. And if you’re in the US, you’ll be the first to avail of the plan as early as November 3 during the early hours of the morning.

The basic plan of having ads is what people adore about the platform. Yes, it comes at a lower price and has a few advertisements in between. Moreover, beginning in November, getting on board will be as simple as can be.

All users will be required to do is visit the app and register themselves with their gender, emails, and their date of birth.

And it’s going to bring great returns for advertisers along the way too. They’re getting the chance to showcase ads to a bigger audience that has so many young viewers that aren’t avid watchers of linear television. Remember, premium environments are the goal and so are high-resolution ad experiences.

After a plan first comes into being, we will see ads lasting for around 30 seconds. These ads would be playing right before your Netflix show and during the show as well. On average, users might be expecting to see around 4 to 5 minutes of advertisements for each viewing hour.

But remember, we won’t be seeing the whole catalog at once. It will just be available for subscribers taking on board the basic plan with advertisements.

Also, users are going to be restricted to just 720p of maximal resolution. Moreover, any downloads for offline views are going to be blocked as well.

Anyone that chooses to avoid such restrictions may also opt to purchase a higher tier.

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