The Metaverse Fails To Get Any Praise From Xbox’s CEO Who Called It A ‘Poorly Designed Video Game’

As days go by, we’re hearing more and more leaders of top tech platforms call out the metaverse. And now, it’s the CEO of Xbox who has blasted the idea as one that is nothing less than a poorly curated video game.

Yikes, we bet Mark Zuckerberg is not going to be a happy man as the negative criticism about his creation keeps coming in. First we saw Apple do the deed last month and call it out as something that failed to capture the common man’s attention.

Then, we saw Snap's CEO say it lacked practicality in today’s time. And now, it’s Xbox’s head Phil Spencer who has a lot of negative things to say.

He may be the CEO of the gaming division of Microsoft but he certainly didn’t hold his words back for Meta when it came down to its mighty vision for the metaverse. Spencer adds that there is no better way to describe its existence than this. And while some might get offended, he feels this is the reality of the matter which was a long time coming.

These statements were reportedly made at the recent Tech Live event for the WSJ conference scheduled for today.

Last year, Meta arose after it got rebranded from the top social media company Facebook. There was a lot of explanation by Zuckerberg as to how the metaverse was the future for people to work, play, socialize, and more.

He added that this is where friends and colleagues unite and while it’s the exact opposite of what the Xbox CEO feels, there’s not a lot that can be done to alter people's perception than wait for more unveilings.

During the conference, Spencer highlighted how video games have what it takes to make a world more compelling than it already is. It’s a place where people come together to have a blast and spend time.

At that point came the negativity where he called Meta’s creation one that was like a meeting room where people don’t really wish to spend a lot of their precious time. This was a little like how Snap’s CEO envisioned the idea. He said that it’s like living inside the computer which people aren’t keen on doing.

And then we had the likes of Apple’s SVP call the idea as a word that does not exist in his vocabulary, very similar to what the CEO of Disney claimed. His reasoning was simple and that was linked to how the name is a broad term that encompasses a little too much. You can liken it to the world of storytelling that’s related to the next generation.

We will agree that Meta is yet to promote its idea about the VR world is a place to chill and hang out. Moreover, the fact that the firm’s own workers are reluctant to use Horizon worlds says a lot. Hence, how can one expect others to draw an interest in it or invest in it?

But one thing positive from the whole conversation is how Spencer felt that the metaverse will change with time. He did see the potential to get better as it’s too early to make many judgments on the matter.

Out of many others, he also expressed how he is open to the idea and the term reserved for it and it’s not surprising because there were speculations about Microsoft making its own investments in it at its own end.

We are definitely worried if people are really going to move ahead and wear those AR glasses or even put on a headset to take part in the metaverse but again, that’s just our opinion.

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