Metaverse Heavily Criticized By Snap CEO Who Says The Idea Lacks Practicality In Today’s World

The metaverse has recently been heavily criticized by Snap CEO Evan Spiegel.

He called out the vision of the company’s head Mark Zuckerberg as one that lacked practicality in today’s day and age. Moreover, he slammed the thought of going home and living inside a computer when all one would want to do is rest.

The bold and blunt statements were recently a part of a conference that was held with The Wall Street Journal on Tuesday.

But he is definitely not the first person to mention the drawbacks of the idea as Zuckerberg is well aware that people are underestimating the potential and vision that it has or how he envisions it.

Time and time again, he’s been forced to justify to the world why this is such an important platform and why the company is spending so much time, money, and effort to bring it into existence. It’s also looking for those who are keen on investing in it because that’s the only way such a plan could succeed in the first place.

Zuckerberg says that this is the way people can better interact with the world but Spiegel fails to see what the benefits of the investment really are.

The founder of Snap mentioned how his goal revolves around targeting the world of AR technology over the likes of VR. He did agree that the latter takes the person to a whole new digital landscape, but it’s the AR that puts together computer-produced content along with the real world.

This means that AR digital content is superimposed on a person’s vision of the real world. Just last year, we saw the popular platform roll out its own pair of AR glasses because he feels it’s just more immersive.

But we must tell you that this is not the very first time that we’re hearing such heavy criticism take center stage linked to the metaverse by Spiegel. He called out the idea and stated that such a term as the metaverse isn’t even used in his firm. The reason is quite simple, he adds, and that’s related to how hypothetical and confusing it is.

He even slammed it as one of the most overstretched and over-the-top concepts he’s encountered in a really long time. Not only did he state it wasn’t practical but also highlighted how it replaced reality.

One of our greatest bets is linked to people adoring the real world and that’s why we like focusing on such trends instead of getting too carried away, he explained. It’s interesting to note how this is the same founder who once put into words how it was keen to make sales of its products on the platform possible. Hence, it didn’t take long for it to make a quick U-turn.

The news comes just a month after Apple’s Tim Cook blasted the idea and said that the common idea failed to understand what it really stood for.

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