Apple’s Head For Software Engineering Calls iMessage For Android An Obstacle To Innovation

A recently held interview with Apple’s SVP for software engineering, Craig Federighi showed a very interesting prejudice arising between the Cupertino firm and Android.

The topic of interest was the iMessage platform that iPhone users utilize. It’s safe to say that the feature has really turned the tables around in terms of texting. But Craig did highlight how the offering for Android would turn into a roadblock for the company in terms of blocking its innovation.

He called iMessage for Android nothing less than a throwaway effort that would simply have no use nor would the efforts be used elsewhere. These words were stated during a recent interview with a journalist for WSJ during its hyped-up Tech Live Program.

This event saw Apple really shed light on other factors like the current news of adopting the USB-C cable for users after the EU forced the rule on all tech firms by the fall of 2024. And while Apple may not be too happy to take on board this trend, it’s been left with no choice as Europe unites on a common ground for chargers.

Coming back to iMessage for Android, the interviewer named Joanna Stern focused on an email that dates back to the year 2013. It mentioned how the SVP of Apple’s leading software products like iPhone, macOS, iPad, and more would help in eliminating the barrier that kids with Android devices face when dealing with parents with Apple phones. This email was sent out to Eddi Cue of Apple. But then another text from Phil Schiller said that such offerings will give rise to major lock-in situations.

It’s quite clear that by now, you can see these messages were confirming how the sole reason iMessage for Android is not present in front of us today is due to the fact that the tech giant wishes to keep its users bound to its platform only.

When questioned further regarding the email, the SVP joked around and mentioned how he wasn’t aware of any shipping but that did come with a smirk. He elaborated on how the email was very clear about what was taking place and the thought process that we’re trying to make out of right now is different than what’s mentioned.

So as you can see, it’s playing around with the words. He further states that entering a market is never easy and when you’re trying to create an app, you need to make sure that it creates the right impact around us today. Only then can they get many customers on board to have the right experience that was intended for them from the start. Hence, he did have a fear of things not working out in the start so he adds that there’s nothing wrong with that.

So if this app was actually shipped out and it didn’t get the right form of acceptance on different platforms, it would halt the whole idea of innovation in messages for the firm’s own customers. He concluded by adding a statement about how important it has become to make curated decisions and really think things through as far as investments are concerned.

These feelings were also mirrored in another email sent by Ferderighi where he asked how compelling the whole process of having iMessage for Android could turn out to be if there was a lack of friends on those with iOS.

The thought for the year 2013 was valid but today, Apple’s iMessage really does have a great messaging platform that’s stuck to one ecosystem. This produces a unique stigma when making chats and holding back texts in general.

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