Microsoft Launches Artificial Intelligence-Based Tools That Visualize Your Imaginations

Recently, Microsoft launched various creativity tools that can generate any image you think.

The launched tools are based on the latest artificial intelligence techniques and are compatible with the updated versions of Microsoft 365, Bing, & Microsoft Edge. According to the team, the tools use various artificial intelligence technologies to create results.

At the top of the list is the graphic designing tool, 'Microsoft Designer'. This tool is specifically built-in with the latest AI technologies. The core purpose of Microsoft Designer is to provide ease in creativity to digital creators.

According to Microsoft, one can describe the piece of art to this tool, and subsequently, it will generate a distinctive image for the user. With this tool, one can easily visualize their representations to create digital postcards, unique invitations, and many similar arts. In the future, the following tool will also be headed to Microsoft Edge so users can easily use it without switching different apps.

Another tool launched by Microsoft is the 'Image Creator'. The following tool works with Bing. It is also equipped with the latest AI technologies and works in a similar pattern as Microsoft Designer. One can easily visualize their representations with this tool.

To add more, another tool that Microsoft launched is the 'Microsoft Clipchamp'. The following tool is added to Microsoft 365 suite. With this video editing tool, one can easily edit and publish content with better quality and saved time. Microsoft Clipchamp ensures better sound quality, video, audio, and effects quality to its users with quick results. One can easily try and test the features of this tool online for free. Furthermore, this tool is also available with Windows 11 and Microsoft 365 subscriptions.

Also, the tech giant, Microsoft, launched a website, 'Microsoft Create'. On this website, digital content creators are welcome to create various content. Along with a vast range of templates and resources, this website ensures better video editing, graphics creation, and many more.

Last but not least, Microsoft launched another feature that might be useful for various internet users. The company launches a new shopping feature for Microsoft Edge. With the help of Artificial Intelligence techniques, it will keep a record of purchase history, favorites, and order deliveries.

With these tracks, the following feature will analyze different points like price, coupons, and discounts and present them to its users, saving them time. One can easily access this feature from the edge sidebar. Besides this, the following features and tools will be available after the latest release of updated Windows 11. One can easily access these tools with the installation of an updated version of Windows 11.

To conclude, the new tools and features are a bonus for digital creators and producers around the globe. These updates and new launches can affect the organization both positively and negatively. But just like other organizations, Microsoft also aims for a higher target market with a better competitive advantage with high hopes.

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