Google Cloud CEO shared plans for the metaverse and Web3

Google Cloud Next 2022 has just started its Livestream. The main idea behind this event is to highlight the details of upcoming Google products and the company’s partnership. According to Google, the tech giant is looking forward to providing more open and strong data cloud services to ensure that other institutions will trust their data and services. The event also provided some insight into upcoming applications that can assist data professionals through artificial intelligence.

The event started with Thomas Kurian, Chief Executive Officer of Cloud, taking a look at all the transformational changes that happened with Cloud. He further added that AI and data have changed a lot and it is important to maintain a connected network.

During the first 6 months of 2022, Google released almost 1300 new products. The company aims to keep a close eye on aiding the workload optimization framework as almost 70% of the top unicorns globally use Google Cloud for their performance.

Google Cloud's plans include an updated framework that can assist organizations in better understanding data and operating core activities. Another cloud to help modernize legacy data systems and a trusted cloud, which will focus on protecting users in response to increasing cyber attacks

Cloud also discussed metaverse and web 3-related concepts at the event. The structure designer of Google's metaverse, Project Starline, can easily produce a three-dimensional person which will appear as if the person is present in that particular area.

Currently, these are just ideas and haven’t been released yet. Hence, when the upcoming testing phase is finally over, their partnership members will have access to it as well. The company also wants to visualize how Project Starline will be able to assist users in forming strong connections from any country.

A partnership has been formed between Google and Coinbase, a cryptocurrency exchange that chose Google to build a more updated exchange system. This partnership will help Web 3 grow by making things more user-friendly and letting users enjoy the cloud services while Web 3 can work on making its platform more innovative.

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