Meta Gives Creators More Monetization Avenues By Allowing Branded Content On Facebook Reels

Meta is giving creators the chance to avail branded content tags across Reels on its Facebook app.

This means creators are going to get an amazing opportunity in terms of monetization for short-form video content on the app.

As recently stated by the company in its blog post, Reels has been a great feature for all. It’s one of the platform’s fastest-growing ventures now. Therefore, it’s about time creators are given more streams of revenue on Reels and that’s being made possible thanks to a new tool that allows you to tag branded content on any post.

All brands tagged would be given the chance to convert Reels into an ad for brands by adding a specific sponsor label.

The news is definitely an exciting one that most creators are going to love. Remember, tags will alert users immediately to how the post is branded and also which business partners are added. They will be notified and hence will gain metrics regarding the performance of the venture.

Meta says that for the feature to be availed for monetization purposes, users must tag any business that stays on the app and enables promotional guidelines to follow through.

We saw in the year 2020 how Meta allowed the use of branded content tags for its other leading app Instagram. So the concept is not entirely new but it’s a first for Facebook, that’s for sure.

Reel creators on the app will simply need to add the tag, giving a plethora of brands the chance to partner up with so many different creators that share a common interest in a specific niche and a certain region of the world.

Meta has been keen on leaning into this shift toward successful short-form content. And in case you didn't know by now, it’s following in the footsteps of apps like TikTok. Facebook has been struggling in keeping up with its metrics that has been showing a decline. Therefore, it hopes projects like this can be a fruitful start to something new and great, which both the company and its creators can benefit from.

Facebook is now sharing more and more Reels, which we feel is so interesting. Hence, users that are looking to get more returns on their content through the platform before the holiday season, really need to get busy making Reels because that’s trending in the world of social media.

The new venture is definitely going to be great for Meta too because providing variety to users and Reels creators are going to ensure the company’s Reels Play Bonus offering and innovative ads features are getting greater in development.

You might think that Meta is going overboard in terms of its Reels but we don’t think so. The app is really putting itself out there for success because stats don’t lie and they’re proving how people spent 50% of their time scrolling through short-form content so this makes sense. Remember, the goal is to stop its users from being persuaded and entering the realms of TikTok.

But again, anything can happen in the digital world. Users may not like the addition of Reels on the app and hence show less interest, which could be disastrous for the firm. So like we said, only time can tell. But there is no harm in trying!

Those creators that align themselves with Meta’s Partner Monetization and policies for Branded Content will now be eligible to use this tool starting today. So if you’re keen on it, good luck!

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