Instagram Desktop is getting a new user interface

Meta-owned Instagram is working to introduce a new interface for Instagram desktop users. The new update was highlighted by Jonah Manzano, a musician, and new feature discoverer.

Jonah tweeted about the upcoming update and shared a screenshot of what the new interface will look like. According to the shared media, the interface will be divided into two parts. The left side of the screen will host all the options such as search, explore, messages, notifications, user profile, and more options for further icons. These options will be listed vertically. The right side of the screen will host the main feed, which will include stories at the top, which will be available horizontally, and posts directly below them.

Initially, when the Instagram desktop was made available, it didn’t have much to offer and the interface was not user-friendly, unlike the app version, which made everything more accessible. However, recent changes have made the desktop version almost equally compatible with the app version.

The Instagram desktop now lets users post photos and videos directly from their personal computers or laptop. It even supports full-screen mode, meaning stories and pictures on the feed can be seen in full-screen mode just like on the app version. Unlike apps, desktop lets users download an uploaded picture or video in full high-definition format, and there is no limit to it. Another well-appreciated feature is that the whole desktop experience is advertisement-free.

Ever since the Meta takeover was announced Instagram developers have been working continuously to make the desktop version more interactive. They started by adding options that were present in the application but not on the desktop, such as the Discover feature. Similarly, direct messages were not available for desktop users, but the option has now been added.

Once these options were boarded on the desktop platform, the next step taken by the developers was to update them. Such as making stories available in full-screen mode instead of showing them on a small screen. Similar to the richer story interface, posts were also made in full-screen mode.

With the whole Meta announcement, it can be expected that the desktop may get to see more updates or changes over time as the developers have been working continuously to ensure a better user experience.

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