Microsoft Edge Is Working On Revamping Its ‘Find On Page’ With Exclusive Features

It’s been a long time coming since we heard more about the Microsoft Edge browser getting a revamp. And here we are speaking of new reports that confirm just that.

The tech giant is busy trying to enhance its ‘Find on Page’ functionality seen on the browser. For now, the current version entails simple search features that enable users to look for similar words, phrases, or simple characters.

But in the future, you can expect to see much more advancements as far as searches are concerned. This includes the likes of match cases, diacritics, searching for relatable words, and even whole words.

For now, the browser is currently rolling these out for a selected minority as a part of their test on the Canary channel. But that will bring forward a series of options that can be toggled in an on and off position by a simple click of the button including Control F. This way, you can use the ‘find on page’ offering that’s available for testers present on the channel.

Simply going to the main menu and adding a series of new options is the way to go and it will entail some great offerings.

The feature for ‘include related matches’ will let browsers highlight different words with phrases that could be related to any one of your requests. Next up, Match Cases allows users to search for items that are case sensitive like looking for particular words that are uppercased.

And then you’ve got a match whole world, where the option allows for the finding of words while omitting complete parts of terms that aren’t a part of your request. Lastly, the feature for match diuretics is designed to enable users to find characters that are accented.

So as you can see, you can now better customize searches to better suit your preferences. And the option may end up pairing so well with the Quick Accent Tool found across PowerToys.

Those interested in the new features can go ahead and search for them on Microsoft Edge’s Canary. You can install this through the main website. The browser is up for grabs on different platforms like Windows, Linux, and even macOS.

But remember, when using Canary, a little patience can go a long way. And that’s because not all new users are given the latest features immediately. It takes a while for the rollout to occur so you might need to wait for a little bit to attain it.

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