New Research Finds Americans Are Grumpier Thanks To The Pandemic

While the pandemic of COVID-19 may be over, we’re still dealing with the after-effects that the mighty virus managed to introduce into the world.

This includes some unique behavioral changes in different parts of the population. And a new study is shedding light on just that.

If you happen to notice why people around you are a lot less kind or aren’t a fan of anyone approaching them for help or interaction, well, there may be a unique reason.

Snapping easily at your pals, loved ones, and even strangers have become more of a norm now than before. And it’s hard to make out why everyone has started to be so rude all of the time.

This new study was seen studying the most common personality traits out there. This included the likes of openness, conscience, extraversion, agreeable, and neuroticism. It was observed how the characteristics underwent change over a period of time. And by that we mean if they altered or not during times like the pandemic and if they became any worse.

The answer was yes! Americans were so much grumpier now than before. And Adam Rogers who hails from the Insider spoke about the matter with media outlet The Refresh to confirm the findings. Clearly, the crisis is definitely a lot different from most others out there. But it could mean a lot of things for the future.

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