A New Feature In Sidebar Has Been Introduced For Microsoft Edge And Google Has Also Started Working On It

Over a year ago, Microsoft introduced a new feature in Edge which was called Sidebar Search Functionality. It was a place where you could evolve and launch many Microsoft services like Microsoft Outlook etc. In Edge, Microsoft is working hard to expand this technology and introduce new things in Sidebar Search. A Reddit user claimed that he had seen the new update in Edge Canary where you will be able to change the size of the Sidebar Search Functionality. But when other users went to see this change, they couldn't find it in the latest version of Edge Canary. There may be a reason that this update was introduced for checkout to see the users' reactions.

However, that Reddit user took pictures of the updates and told people how to use this new exciting feature of Microsoft Edge.

The first picture showed that you do not need to tweak an experimental flag to resize the Sidebar. In the new update, it will be available by default. If it's available for you, then you just need to point your mouse at the area where the page content is separated from the sidebar pane. Then you will be able to resize the pane by clicking on the double arrow.

But the Reddit user also pointed out some limitations to this update. You cannot resize favorites, history, downloads and collections, and outlook panes. However, sites and apps other than above mentioned are resizable. Maybe you will be able to resize the things that aren't resizable in the next few updates.

Google wasn't left behind with these updates. It is also starting work on a Sidebar functionality for Chrome. At the moment, it is functional and in use but as of now, it only shows the search bar. Other features aren't available. Surely Google will have a sidebar functionality even more advanced than Microsoft. In some time, Google will add more features and the sidebar will start gaining more traffic. Now we have to wait which one will be the users' favorite.

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