Facebook Makes Its ‘New Pages’ Experience Available To All Small And Midsized Businesses

Facebook was first seen launching its new pages experience way back in January of 2021. But this launch was solely restricted to a limited number of people. This includes the likes of pubic figures, subject experts, and some creators too.

Now, the feature is going to be available to all small and medium-sized businesses as well, the company has confirmed.

Facebook's parent company was speaking via a Newsroom publication about how such new pages bring about a new outlook that’s more streamlined in terms of its layout. Moreover, it adds a new type of navigation that occurs between a firm’s business page and its personal one.

So what you end up with in the end is a professionally themed dashboard that manages all of your activities from a single location.

It’s like a dedicated feed that allows firm owners to better interact with all sorts of people through the platform and also on their business.

In the same way, we saw the tech giant go public with a series of different SMBs that take complete advantage of this new offer.

For starters, we had the option for profile setups. This allows a firm to include some great contact details like the address, webpage, hours for business activity, and also contact details. Other than that, features like cover images, profile pictures, and a description are added.

In the same way, a range of features is up for grabs. This includes action buttons like Call Now, Send Messages, Buy Now, and more for upcoming events. Moreover, there’s a specific tab that allows users to gain access to the page and carry out a series of functions.

From texting and advertising, the features to choose from are plenty.

Similarly, there is much talk about audience growth here. It’s related to the company calling out consumers including both family and friends to their business page and allowing them to really grow through this Invite Friends initiative.
The dashboard is again utilized for professional means such as keeping a track of user growth and gaining access to information such as well like followers’ location and age. Some of their best-performing posts can even be taken a level up and turned into an ad.

Next up is content creation. Meta says posts need to get published at times when a follower is most active. In the same way, adding trending hashtags is always welcomed too to further boost its performance.

You can share some messages in at least three groups and further go about cross-linking your posts on the app. With time, you’ll find more firm interaction with a lot more people on the app.

There was a short discussion on community engagement as well. This is where the dedicated feed allows some businesses to be better engaged with consumers, enterprises, and people. Hence, it’s great if you participate in the section outlined for comments and better engage with content linked to various page accounts.

Last but not least, Meta has highlighted a feature linked to safety and privacy. They feel the time has come for people to take this matter seriously. How about adding features like two-factor authentication that must be turned on for enhanced protection?

The company also recommended that page admins needed to get active before it was too late. They could similarly make use of some tools like Moderation Assist that allows the admin to put out a criterion that really makes sure they’re vigilant of all the comments coming their way. This includes who is allowed to comment on organic posts and those who are not.

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