Meta Wants To Double Down On Facebook Reels With Ads So Creators Can Earn Revenue

Meta has mentioned time and time again how Reels is the future of all of its apps. After all, they’re getting the most engagement and short-form videos are one of the only forms of growth we’re seeing these days.

Now we’re not too sure if that’s related to Meta forcing such content on the app or people actually keen on watching Reels. Whatever the case may be, Meta wants to double down on Reels across Facebook. And that means giving creators of such short-form content the chance to make more revenue so they continue to post. It’s a great incentive to make them post Reels, one after the other.

Therefore, today, we saw the tech giant going public with some innovative options for ads on Reels. This will give different brands the chance to enter the format while providing an opportunity for revenue sharing of all the top creators out there.

Hence, the first option seen is a test for post-loop advertisements. These last for 4-10 seconds, can be skipped and plays at the end of a Reel.

As can be seen from Meta’s recent example, Facebook users will get an indicator for ads when the Reel is about to end and then moves to form a post-loop advertisement. Hence, after the ad completes, the Reel starts to resume and follow the loop again.

It’s a great option for monetization we feel for Reels but we know that users are not going to be a fan of this sudden interruption. Hence, we are curious to see what the view rates for this end up being on such advertisements. Another question is linked to whether or not Meta will link such ad views with the classic Reel. And that would end up relating to the sare of revenue seen for creators of Reels.

For now, there’s a test for the feature being conducted. Hence, there aren’t many things going on at this point in time.

At the same time, we’re hearing about Meta testing new ads for image carousels on Facebook Reels. These are ads designed in a horizontal manner that can be scrolled. They may entail around 10 images that are seen toward the bottom of Facebook Reels.

All of these promotions are linked directly to separate Reels and are giving creators the chance to gain more money and also for brands to make the most of those videos that go viral. And it’s a popular trick that even TikTok uses as an ad option.

Then we’ve got news on Meta granting access to various brands for music on their Reels. This adds a new form of high-quality tracks to the Sound Collection. These are included in Carousel Ads seen across Reels.

But remember, you can’t link those to commercial tracks. For instance, if you love a song by Travis Scott, don’t expect to be including that. However, we do admit that the instrumental tracks aren’t bad and they add a new ambiance to the entire promotion process.

Any business has the right to choose a track from its library and enable the app to play automatically after selecting the best track for the ad, depending on the content.

Who knows what type of music you might end up with so we’re not too keen on that one. But if we’re talking about suggestions, you may find a song you like for your promotional activities.

With apps like YouTube and TikTok making plans for big bucks through this endeavor of short-form videos, Meta is hoping to do the same. But remember, it’s not easy to stick ads in content that’s so short. It’s all about standing out and providing the best opportunities.

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