Instagram Is Keen On Maximizing Revenue As It Experiments With Innovative Ad Options

The holiday season is upon us all and Instagram is making sure it doesn’t lose out on any chance coming soon.

The platform has recently spoken about a series of innovative ad options that are designed keeping in mind maximal revenue generation. This is also said to give more brands an array of opportunities. However, we don’t feel it can be a very popular addition in terms of users. After all, who loves ads in the first place?

For starters, the app says it is adding some new features to its Explore Tab. This page now has its own unit for ads that may be seen across content feeds. The example of the ad put forward by the company is quite big and we’ve got zero confirmation if all the advertisements will be just as mighty as this.

Whatever the case may be, it’s a huge opportunity to reach out to the audience on the app during the early stage of their discovery, especially in terms of content that they love.

We do see this as a great consideration to have some businesses’ products getting featured across the main feed on the app. In the same way, we’re seeing Instagram test out more ads in its profile.

This is the type of feed experience that users can get accustomed to after they visit a certain profile or tap on a particular post. Hence, the next time you like a post on a follower’s account, be prepared to receive ads within your area of interest.
The platform is also searching for ways to make this option a form of monetization for all of the app’s creators. Remember, all of the activities are linked to a particular profile so that makes sense.

Instagram says it’s also experimenting with a new feature called ‘multi-advertiser ads’. This displays a lot more promotions via similar entities, right after engagements with an ad are complete.

Whenever a person is seen expressing a form of commercial intent through direct engagement with ads, similar ads are delivered in greater quantities from other firms. The subject is of interest, thanks to the AI- tools of machine learning.

All in all, the app is looking forward to adding more forms of related business. And if that means adding more ads on users, then so be it. For now, we aren’t quite sure how effective this might turn out to be. But it might end up getting your brand in the driver’s seat of users showing interest in the niche, depending on if they’ve engaged in it in the past.

Last but not least, Instagram is getting started for a test of AR ads. These can be found on Instagram’s Feed and the app’s Stories section.

Designed in the app’s Spark AR platform, these types of AR ads will invite people to engage with ads more. This can include the likes of placing virtual paintings in your drawing room or even test driving some vehicle.

Meta says by giving a brand the right tools to develop a more immersive experience, they’re really keen on driving performances and helping them prepare for the ongoing metaverse taking place.

Although the worlds of AR and VR are worlds apart, creating three-dimensional objects is a key feature for the next stage. This will ultimately assist in advancing to the next stage with ad measures.

We won’t lie, the considerations here are quite interesting. But we also feel we might be seeing more marketing take place on your feed through the app. And that’s not the best news for viewers.

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