Meta Is Rolling Out New Ad Solutions That Are Privacy Protected After Suffering A Loss Of Billions

Apple’s ATT update for privacy meant firms could no longer track down users for ads and that led to some major tech giants losing out big time, in terms of revenue.

Meta was one of those firms that incurred the heaviest loss worth nearly $10 billion. And this figure is just for 2020. It comes as thousands of users of the platform decided to opt out of being tracked down while using the app.

But let’s not forget, a lot of that is related to Meta not having the best reputation out there in terms of protecting users’ privacy and protection. For those that may have forgotten, the Cambridge Analytica case gained plenty of attention and it gave Meta a bad name. Hence, they may have relaxed their privacy measures but the consequences have been serious.

Meta has altered with time and now, it’s on the lookout to making sure a lot of solutions are provided that ensure data privacy. Yes, it has learned the hard way and by this, advertisers may also benefit by maximizing via campaigns. In the same way, they’re getting used to being aligned with huge shifts taking place in the industry.

So, Meta went public today with some innovative ad measures that will be put in its Advantage Suite for ads. Here is where you’ll find plenty of tools linked to AI technology and the process of ad automation.

Meta explained how the new set of measures is designed to assist an ad’s custom audience so that it goes out to both old and existing viewers. It’s quite like catering to those that are most keen on a business. It also prioritizes ads to those that the app deems as integral members of the app.

Expanding such depth can be a huge deal and with Meta providing guidance and the right tools for the best campaign performance, we don’t see why it can’t reach new heights.

But it’s not just words but actions of Meta that people are noticing, including advertisers. According to them, Meta’s tools for targeting audiences are a wonderful way to get the right type of reach and answers. And it’s worth the test, we feel.

In the same way, there are more confirmations about Meta providing an update to its click for Ads on Messenger. This new feature is designed to facilitate optimization that targets members on the app that are keener on buying things online through messages.

Meta says that on a usual basis, Click is viewed in Messenger Ads by those willing to initiate some sort of deal or an engagement with a firm across the app. This could be WhatsApp, Instagram Direct, or Facebook Messenger. Once you get the update, advertisers can allow the Click to Messenger feature to run and reach those with the greatest possibility of making purchases via a text thread.

Hopefully, this can help bring back the lost trust that Meta faced due to its not-so-great ad solutions and privacy regulations of the past.

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