Meta Severely Criticized After Its ‘Horizon Worlds’ VR App Suffers Major Quality Issues

Meta has been in the line of fire recently after so many users began to criticize its much anticipated VR app for the Metaverse called Horizon Worlds.

A lot of the complaints had to do with poor quality issues and how it failed to meet the standards outlined on day one.

Some called it sluggish while others felt that most employees of the firm couldn’t even be bothered to use it.

The news comes after the details were outlined in a new internal memo that The Verge managed to get its hands on.

One employee stated great concern as he and his team would be stuck in a quality lockdown until and unless all the gaps and issues related to quality are fixed. And it makes sense, not to mention how it’s very sensible because expanding the app to outside users means setting the bar high and with such complaints, you can imagine what can happen.

In case you didn’t know, the Horizon Worlds application lets users create and engage in a virtual manner where you’re working as a legless avatar. It’s kind of like combining the worlds of Minecraft with Roblox.

Many saw this as a key project that was required when Facebook decided to rebrand as Meta. And in case you haven’t heard for the 100th time, the firm is spending a lot of time, money, and effort on the metaverse. They’re calling it the future of tomorrow and we do understand why.
Last year, we got more insight after it was added to the firm’s Quest headset and during the early part of 2022, the user count hit nearly 300,000. Soon, it’s going to be making its way to smart devices and desktops too, thanks to an innovative web version.

In the memo, the Meta Executive says that it’s a social network that was designed to engage greatly in today’s world. But they’re still waiting for more positive criticism from other team members because the bugs and issues are plenty. Did we mention how it’s still having trouble in terms of stability too?

So far, the graphics for the app are falling extremely short of people’s expectations and even the CEO’s image with his avatar has been turned into a meme. But Zuckerberg promised there’s a lot more to offer and the metaverse shouldn’t be judged on a simple avatar’s experience.

More details related to the app and the metaverse, in general, are going to be released on October 11. This is when the firm’s Connect conference will be held, showcasing various products and their details. Keeping that aside, the fact that people inside Meta are not using the app much is definitely worrisome. After all, if the makers aren’t loving the product, we can only wonder how the rest of the public would behave.

Meanwhile, a follow memo showed how so many employees didn’t wish to use the app frequently and it’s concerning. The executive did hope that people would fall in love but that’s clearly not happening.

His advice to fellow colleagues was to make time and really make it happen. See where the lackings are and how they can be improved.

Some of the issues highlighted so far were related to the onboarding experience. This was deemed confusing and very frustrating for a lot of people.

The advice provided included the introduction of new users at top-notch worlds. This will guarantee that the success on the first visit is great. So the solution means better collaboration and more unity with open minds for more changes to arrive.

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