How Are People Viewing Tech Changes In Today’s Time? Meta Shares Its Valuable Insights

Have you ever wondered what the common man feels about the metaverse or any technology change in general? Well, for many, it’s a vague phenomenon, and not too many people are clear with the concept too.

Just recently, we saw Apple’s Tim Cook shed light on how most people aren’t even aware of the term, let alone the meaning. And that could be concerning.

But now, Meta is moving in to shed some light on what people actually think of tech shifts like the metaverse. Is it really the next biggest and best thing in the digital world? Considering the fact that it’s still non-existent, we were quite curious about the ordeal.

Meta conducted a survey as they wished to see what people felt about the tech world and its many shifts. This survey had nearly 30,000 shoppers that arose from different parts of the world. They wished to see what these people really felt about the concept of technology reaching the skies.

On that note, Meta says that they found so many people are actually keen on new or modern-day experiences. They are curious about how much technology has evolved with time and their avatars were super stylish. They also wanted to feel more connected with the different businesses that are providing them services.

Interestingly, around 28% of the population have utilized AR while carrying on with their shopping. On the other hand, around 42% state AR may enhance their entire shopping experience by joining the gap seen across in-person stores and those found online.

We find that to be super true, especially when it comes to AR tools that enhance the entire shopping experience seen online. But again, AR and VR are two very different entities.

This is the type of technology that the company uses to market projects like the metaverse. But the latter isn’t all. There are several other projects that come in that category too. Very few people think of the metaverse as something special. For them, it’s like a synonym for technical advancement.

The metaverse is nowhere near being completed. It needs a lot more support in the form of partners and also the agreements to charge ahead for cross-platform linking between various tech apps. As of now, very few people have any interest in this. It’s more like Meta having high hopes of the metaverse but no one else. They’re clearly on a separate page from all of us.

On the other hand, there were quite a few other findings seen in this survey. Around 41% of those surveyed felt the metaverse would truly be a huge deal that alters shopping experiences.

Moreover, around 50% felt virtual stores will put convenient shopping at the forefront. While a similar amount of people stated that success seen through gaming platforms could really make a huge difference and grab a user’s attention.

Did you ever wonder how Meta might be speaking too highly on a project that might be just words and little action? Seeing is believing and we’re all still waiting for some major improvements to come forward.

Users are happy with avatars as popular apps like Snapchat and Facebook have put them center stage. Today, they’re used with great enthusiasm for various online activities and during regular chats too.

It’s all thanks to gaming apps such as Roblox and Fortnite. Their popularity is immense and people enjoy playing in their avatar characters.

So there are plenty of exciting things being spoken about and advisors claim if you’d like to invest, now is the time to do it. You might regret it later. But again, how many are really willing to take the risk is a question worth pondering.

Illustration via: FreePik

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