Meta’s Off-Platform Newsletter Called Bulletin Is Gearing Up For A Shutdown

Meta is closing down its famous off-platform newsletter called Bulletin, the company announced today.

This was a product that was launched last year during the summertime. For those who may not be aware, it was made available to a number of writers on an invitation-only basis, Therefore, this Bulletin enabled readers to carry out a subscription from leading newsletters where notable contributors such as Malcolm Gladwell and Malala Yousafzai were seen.

And yes, there were definitely some forms of content that were free of cost but there was always a feature that allowed writers to carry out subscriptions on their newsletters, very much like the famous app called Substack.

Bulletin has worked hard in allowing us to learn about this relationship seen among creators with their audience members. This way, they could be better supported and would work toward building the community across apps such as Facebook. We know this thanks to a spokesperson who mentioned the details on TechCrunch.

Meta told its viewers that its platform may be ending but they are awfully committed to providing support to all of the creators and their success seen through the platform.

Writers on the Bulletin app will still be earning revenue through subscriptions till the app decides to completely perform a shutdown in 2023. In the same way, we’ll be seeing writers get access to the email IDs of all subscribers, and that way, they’ll be alert, in case they opt to transfer the newsletter to more websites.

Last week, we saw the company’s CEO go public with his plans to stop all forms of hiring, reduce costs, and also conduct restructure of a few groups that are located in the firm. But today, the firm confirms it really needs to refocus all of its resources to places that aren’t necessary such as Bulletin, and allocate them to places that are more important like the app’s discovery algorithm.

This is undoubtedly a key feature of interest to all firms that are attempting to stay in line with the competition offered by archrivals like TikTok. During the start of summer, we saw the firm shift both its engineering and also some product support to other features like Facebook News and this platform so it could allocate resources to the firm’s creator economy.

At the moment, the firm’s biggest bet financially is related to the metaverse. However, it’s also very keen on beating out archrivals. This is why we’ve seen Meta follow in the footsteps of others like TikTok, converting its apps’ feeds in a manner that’s very similar to Tiktok’s work.

Therefore, so many users have taken a step back to express their concern on the matter. Not only is the algorithm similar but Instagram even went as far as offering posts of those that users’ weren’t even following. They just felt it was suggested content.

However, despite such news, Meta says it’s continuing with its plans to discover algorithms.


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