Meta In Trouble As New Lawsuit Accuses Executives Of Conspiring With Adult Platform OnlyFans

While the terms Meta and OnlyFans don’t usually go hand in hand, a new lawsuit filed against the former proves otherwise.

It appears Meta has a lot of explaining to do after its top executives were accused of conspiring with OnlyFans. And we’re talking about some serious allegations that entail accepting huge bribes.

The news comes forward thanks to a newly leaked court document that media outlet Gizmodo managed to get its hands on. Here is where so many adult stars on the app accused the tech giant’s President of Global Affairs Nick Clegg of some shady behavior.

But he’s not the only one that’s in the line of fire. Other common names included the likes of Vice President Nicola Mendelson and the safety director for the firm’s operations in Europe, Christian Perrella of the same.

They are believed to have taken on some huge bribes that would give the adult platform a very unfair advantage against other rival apps. Meanwhile, more support is being given out against the allegations as shared by the plaintiffs. They were seen going anonymous regarding how so many wire transfers took place between the app and the executives via its subsidiary. But we’re still waiting for a confirmation on the last statement.

The entertainers on the app even spoke in detail about how the whole idea is to deter other rivals from putting up content through a terrorist platform, causing a massive decline in traffic too. On the other hand, we heard more similar statements made in regard to a lawsuit put out by FanCentro, which is a clone network very similar in function to OnlyFans.

A statement by a representative of Engadget says the bribery concerns and allegations were baseless and currently, there has been a serious response by Meta in this regard. This appears to be in the form of a recently filed motion that’s outlined to dismiss such claims due to a lack of evidence and plausibility regarding the matter.

Moreover, there are more arguments about how such behavior cannot be considered liable in cases when plaintiffs succeed. Remember, such content decisions are going to be safeguarded by the First Amendment and the law that supports freedom of speech.

Meanwhile, the adult platform has mentioned in its recent follow-up how it intentionally chose to leave the company’s top names unredacted. Moreover, it was seen deleting such relevant documents. But as you can tell, it’s a little late for that now as the news has gone public.

Experts feel the lawsuit filed won’t be able to survive stringent scrutiny but it’s definitely much clear now how mega these allegations are.

Meta mentioned in its statement that its stance on the matter is very clear. They are denying the allegations, adding that it has no base, merit, or any form of factual evidence that could deem them plausible. And that can be felt with the massive force with which the motion filed has come forward

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