Meta Imposes Serious Ad Restrictions As The US Inches Closer To Its Midterm Elections

Meta is implementing some serious ad restrictions starting from November 1st to November 8, 2022. Therefore, the company has boldly outlined how no advertisements regarding social concerns, politics, or the theme of elections would be allowed for publishing across its apps.

In the same way, it would be imposing a complete ban on making edits in this regard too. But how the whole process actually works is a question on many people’s minds.

For the constant ad running process, those providing ads in the country must follow an outline provided that boldly entail a few important guidelines.

For starters, they need to be set up by American advertisers that have full authorization for this whole process. Other than that, it would include giving out identification that confirms to users who they are and where they may be located in the country. These individuals would be getting a particular code with the setup for approved ‘paid’ with disclaimers.

Secondly, they would be required to have passed all ad reviews and even delivered their impressions by the first of November.

Once the process of Meta’s restriction begins, all advertisers would be needed to adjust bid amounts, and budget amounts, and set out dates for ads that enable disclaimers. Moreover, users will get the chance to pause or even unpause those ads, provided they serve one impression before November 1.

Meta has outlined the important dates that it wants advertisers to remember to better align with the announcement. Moreover, for those wanting more information regarding a certain topic being allowed and others that are not, well, you can always go through the announcement by the company that features all the rules and guidelines in detail.

A lot of queries we feel would pertain to what changes are being made before, during, and even after that certain period of time.

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