Bad News For Smartphone Manufacturers As Global Market Shipments Show 9% Decline

Things aren’t looking too great for manufacturers of smartphone devices. This is the third consecutive time that we’re witnessing the likes of a mega decline in terms of shipments in 2022.

The news of the gloomy picture comes to us thanks to figures and stats from Canalys. It proved that shipments were at an all-time low of 9% during the previous quarter and that just goes to show that it’s the lowest and worst finding recorded for Q3 since the year 2014.

But you might be shocked to learn that there is one bright spot in terms of figures. And that is from Cupertino tech giant Apple who managed to leave all others behind and produce positive growth. The others on the list for the top five highlighted major declines in their figures from the same period of 2021. So as you can see, not a lot of progress was made in that aspect.

As far as the first position is concerned, it went to South Korean tech firm Samsung who had a 22% share of the overall market. Other big and leading names to complete the list for the top five apps included Apple, Oppo, Vivo, and Xiaomi.

But if you’ve been following the stats in this regard, you’d be knowing that the findings don’t come as a huge shocker. Instead, it’s a feature that has been brought forward thanks to years of massive growth and success. The figures first plateaued, dropped off, and then due to things like price and saturation of the market, it just got worst with time.

As you can imagine, things got accelerated due to the period of the pandemic. It’s all thanks to the never-ending lockdowns and great struggles seen in the economy. After that, another major issue was linked to a sudden rise in inflation and the likes of that just made the situation so much worse.

Today, the global smartphone market is not in its best place but it does try to cope with things like massive consumer demand and so many vendors trying to adjust in a quick manner to such unpredictable conditions for business.

But as experts put it, the goal eliminates the risk associated with inventory buildup despite the dramatic fall in demand. Remember, so many vendors were seen having massive stockpiles inside their inventories in July of this year. The only way they’re actually able to sell and make the most of the situation is by giving discounts and aggressive forms of promotions.
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