Meta’s Customer Complaints Agent Highlights The ‘Ugly Side’ Of The Job Including Death Threats, Insomnia, And More

In case you’ve ever wondered what it’s like to be working for Meta’s frontline customer complaints department, well, here’s a first-hand perspective from one of the firm’s own employees. And it wouldn’t be wrong to say that it’s not easy.

From death threats to an abundance of stress, not to mention insomnia - the ugly side effects are plenty and definitely worth a glance.

The female agent who works for Teleperformance explained how it’s just an ugly world out there and now, she’s been left struggling with insomnia. But what makes it so much worse is how some things are just not in her control and that builds an incredible amount of stress in terms of not giving users what they’re asking for.

The thought of doing your best and earning those bonuses is a far-stretched reality, she adds and now, it’s taking adverse effects on her mental health.

The woman who goes by the name of Charlotte highlights that her role is in the form of an outsourcer for Meta where she coordinates with Portugal’s Teleperformance firm. She even sat down to share with users how difficult the whole journey can be and tears are bound to come out.

One such incident put into the limelight was a business manager’s account that apparently got hacked. That is when the app’s security system kicked in and started to disable any affiliated accounts such as her own personal ones.

But what got caught in the middle of the drama was the victim’s own profile on the app, alongside her daughter’s Instagram. The latter had just passed away so it matters worse than before. Within seconds, all of the memories vanished as pictured were deleted.

On that note, Charlotte thought it was best to forward the case to the company’s internal team. And trying to escalate the matter further, this case came to a close by automated means. That left Charlotte in the worst position.

Her job was now to inform the woman that she was helpless and that her own internal team couldn’t even provide her with assistance. Moreover, the woman began to cry and Charlotte felt so bad that she had an emotional breakdown too.

But that’s just one of the hundreds of cases that come her way. People demand instant feedback and results and it’s hard giving them good news because it’s complicated.

From leading business enterprises to celebrities, creators, influencers, and more- being at the front desk of customer support at Meta is a daunting job.

Moreover, so many people depend on Facebook and Instagram to make a living and that just goes to show how serious they are about their complaints. Hence, her role means attending to thousands of emails, calls, and chats for those who cannot believe their accounts are banned or have been restricted and flagged.

And then there are issues linked to ads not being displayed and payments stopped and harrowing reports linked to copyrights and more. So as you can see, the list is complex and it’s a lot of burdens to take on.

Yet, people don’t realize this because all they care about is getting their matters solved and in some cases, she’s literally powerless because it’s not in her hands but in the teams’ designed to solve such issues. Yes, she can investigate, inquire, forward the matter, and more. But that’s about it.

And guess what, she can’t use terminology like sorry or unfortunately so yes, the mess is definitely a sticky situation. So maybe the next time you plan on getting angry at such a representative, you might want to be a little more appreciative because it’s a tough task. After all, being told a user of the app is taking their life because their matter can’t be solved is beyond haunting.

H/T: Business Insider

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