Google Bundles Pixel 7 Phones With Free VPN Services And This Is How Users Can Benefit

Recently, we saw Google launch its Pixel 7 Smartphone. It entailed an array of fascinating features that most of its devices are already famous for. This includes great updates for the camera and even a promise of better performance.

But if there’s one feature that we can’t skip out, well, it’s the offer linked to free VPN services. And this offering is being hailed as the best functionality that any phone can offer. While it’s going to be available at the end of the year, we thought it would be great to give our readers a glimpse of how you can benefit.

This is another name given for a privacy tool that’s designed keeping security in mind. The idea is to disguise a user's internet activity from others such as the mobile carrier and the internet provider. In the same way, it protects your details from Google and other threat actors such as hackers. The only way how this occurs is through a virtual tunnel that’s encrypted.

As you can imagine, with such benefits, they’re bound to come with a hefty price tag but Google is offering it free of cost and we feel there could be nothing better than that! But if you were to buy it separately, we’re talking about price tags going up to $100 a year.

How exactly does the VPN in the device work? And the answer is simple. It’s designed to work for all your activities and is built-in. From internet traffic on the Android to various apps and even your web browsing too- you stay protected.

The sounds of it are pretty contradictory as Google revealed. And as you know, the search engine giant doesn't have the best track history in terms of privacy. But that is exactly what is taking place here. And an added layer of security is guaranteed here as compared to people that aren’t utilizing the VPN.

Another great feature is how Google has vowed in its policy to never use this VPN for tracking purposes, for logging into accounts, or for the sake of selling browsing activity. But let’s not forget how it adds an exception by mentioning that it's trying to grab a hold of aggregated data so the VPN works at its best potential. And since it's combined, it’s not directly linked to a separate individual.

But how exactly does this form of VPN in Google’s phones compare to others out there? For starters, it’s not as heavy-duty as the other more robust version and features.

For starters, it’s not going to let you spoof out details linked to your location. Hence, you won’t be pretending that you’re in a location other than your own. So many people like to do that to avoid being tracked but there are a number of others who do that to avoid reaching out to data in different nations.

Google hails from the US so as you can imagine there are some limitations put forward by the country’s government in terms of utilizing traffic data seen on the web. And that entails those passing through a VPN. This is probably why a lot of other VPN firms like to be based outside the US.

But we still find it really good and better than others. Moreover, this option is great for any people who wish to set up a VPN and then forget about it. And the best protection is guaranteed when you plan on linking to unsecured WiFi connections found in the public such as the airport or your local library.

In case you are really concerned about privacy, then we do suggest getting a separate connection altogether.

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