Meta Directs New Focus To Fashion For Its Avatars After Humiliation Over ‘Fake’ Legs

There has been a lot of talk about Meta’s famous avatars. But most of it has been steeped in the great controversy. Today, plenty of questions are being raised about the metaverse and what the firm is actually planning.

The news comes after Meta Inc. opted to add fake legs to its digital avatars. And while it was a request by many, the results weren't exactly executed too well. However, that is not stopping the firm from doing its best to show off its creativity.

Now, we’re seeing a new fashion launch for digital avatars in the form of Liverpool FC outfits. This is just another great way to add customized touch by fans to their digital replicas on the metaverse and across various VR apps.

Today, the company was seen putting out a new collection comprising virtual attire that may be bought at the Meta Avatars Store from Facebook, Instagram, or Messenger applications. This collection has a lot of things included like Liverpool FC Home and an away kit. But seeing the fashionable attire is definitely being applauded by global football fans as something new.

For now, the new costumes aren’t going to be up for grabs in virtual reality. The reason might be related to the simple fact that such avatars are turning into the center of attention in the drive to accept the metaverse shift, right after the firm’s CEO continues to talk greatly about it.

But with that comes a great amount of negative feedback from critics who question why the final product looks ugly or isn’t executed the way it should be. This was the case when Zuckerberg put out his own avatar and got feedback in the form of jokes and memes. He promised the product wasn’t too great but there were promising results in store. And he stayed true to his promise as a lot of great images were put on stage at this year’s Meta Connect.

Meta might be getting a lot of hate for no reason, we feel. It’s not easy to recreate the concept of legs for any form of simulation. As it is, the company’s VR headsets aren’t even coming with any leg sensors too. So as you can see, tracking leg movements isn’t going to be easy.

Meta claims it hopes to make critics happy soon after shedding light on a new technology called QuestSim. This will use the power of AI to guess what a user’s legs are involved in and how they can better engage with the environment. It’s like taking some subtle hints through the movements put out for tracking the arms and the legs. And that guesses where the legs are and what they’re involved in.

The use of Motion Capture is not a part of Meta’s famous VR offerings. Whatever the case may be, one thing is for sure. This is all great but many people are still waiting for the company to put out its best version of the metaverse as time is slowly but surely ticking away.

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