More Trouble For Apple As Brazil Issues Another Hefty Fine For Not Shipping Power Adapters

Just last month, we heard about a shocking report where Apple had been ordered by Brazilian authorities to put an end to iPhone sales if the package didn’t include phone chargers.

But it appears the famous Cupertino firm failed to take that warning seriously. At that time, it received a mega fine worth a staggering value of $2.3 million.

Now, the company is receiving another major fine for the same endeavor. The only difference now is linked to charges issued by a civil court in the Brazilian city of Sao Paulo.

This new lawsuit was put out by the country’s consumer organization. They feel the product can only function if and when a second purchase comes into play. So now, they feel it’s time for Apple to be fined again and be held responsible for the huge damages.

The judge for the case says that all products must arrive with chargers for consumers who choose to put their trust in and buy such iPhone products from Apple. The variants for which the lawsuit is being spoken about include those of the past two years- iPhone 12 and iPhone 13. In the same way, any future products need to have an adapter as well.

For now, the decision is not being called out as final but there is room for an appeal.

But Apple has already issued an explanation for such scenarios, responding to critics about how it takes the environment very seriously. Therefore, they’re avoiding the shipments of power adapters. Only the Lightning for the USB cable is being provided and not the actual adapter, it went on to add.

They say this is nothing new and has been a rule of the firm since the year 2020. And after introducing such a policy, so many other leading tech giants began to follow in its footsteps, especially when it came down to premium segments.

H/T: Reuters

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