Many Businesses Are Still Using A Password As A Security Measure And This Is Something That Should Be Avoided At All Costs

Many businesses are still holding passwords as the best security measures but in the world of the latest cyber security, the password isn't the only thing you should hold onto for your business security. Recently, many cases have been reported about hacking and the reason was all due to poor cyber security practices. Workers do not keep their data secure and private, rather the password isn't strong enough and most of the employees do not even care about the security of the data. Some of the workers do not pay heed to the fact that someone else can see their data and some of them share the data without any additional restrictions with other people.

Yubico surveyed about 16,000 employees in eight countries and the results showed that 59% of the businesses still rely on usernames and passwords as proper security for their data. This is causing a lot of problems within the companies because some third parties are easily stealing the data. 54% of the people also admitted that they write down their password somewhere in case they forget it and some people also reported that they share the password with others sometimes. 22% of the employees said that they also use other authentication methods and 54% said they do not have to go through the proper cyber security training.

61% of the workers think that their organization should upgrade the security system to multi-factor authentication. Recently, Apple has introduced a new and strong passkey system that is quick, secure, and easy to use. Apple has shared a statement about this passkey which states that Apple passkey uses powerful cryptographic technologies that will keep your account safe no matter what. Microsoft has also introduced a new system in Windows 11 that will tell you if you write your password in your notes app. This all is for good security measures so that companies and businesses can keep their data secure and away from any unusual activities.

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