Google is shutting down Google Surveys as of November 1st

After ten years of continuous service, Google has finally announced that the Google survey will be discontinued on November 1st, 2022.

According to the company, both Google Surveys and Survey 360 will be shut down, and users will have time till December to save their data. The decision did not come out of the blue; instead, survey users have been receiving emails and notifications from the service provider about the plan for this feature. The email being shared by the company states that users still have 2 months. Any impending survey won’t be processed until after November 1st. However, they will have an additional one-month time period to download the data from their surveys so it can be stored before Google Survey shuts down completely.

A link has also been added in the email which will lead the users to the question and answer forum related to surveys. One of the most frequently asked questions is why this step is being taken by the company. While answering this question, Google responded that the company has other plans for the surveys and that the service was meant to help businesses of every level grow based on user reviews. However, the company believes that the service being provided by the surveys is not up to expectations and is planning to look for alternative methods that can give a much better insight into such businesses and help them grow through advertising products and data from market research.

Because the company does not refer to an alternative service, several other companies provide the same service as Surveys.

These alternatives may include Formsort, which offers both premium and basic features Another is Tally, which offers almost 99% of its services without any payment, and if a user still wants to avail of other customizable features, they’ll be required to pay a monthly subscription fee.

Wordforms, Typeform, and 123 Form Builder also work in the same way as the above-mentioned ones, which means they also allow both free and paid services, whereas Appinio is a high-end service provider which works for certain groups only and does not offer any free services to their users.

One misconception which seems to be taking place is that the shutting down of Google Surveys means that Forms won’t be available as well. However, the company has already made it clear that both of these services are different, and Google Forms will keep working.

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