Instagram Takes Over TikTok As Leading App In The Market With Nearly 39 Billion Downloads

Instagram has been crowned as the topmost app downloaded in the tech world, beating out the likes of the ever-so-popular video-sharing platform TikTok.

The news was announced for this year’s Q3 where a staggering 39 billion downloads were recorded, making the platform the front-runner in the race for the top spot. These stats were brought forward recently by mobile intelligence through Data.AI.

As far as in-app purchases are concerned, a total of $32 billion was recorded last quarter and that’s a little lower than the $34 billion witnessed a year ago. Still, it’s up by 40% than that observed before the pandemic struck so things are definitely improving.

Instagram taking the lead with the most downloads was definitely an eye-opener to many but what else was shocking is how its parent firm Meta managed to bag the top four of the six spots. Moreover, it took over five of the spots in the list of the top ten most downloaded apps too.

But it’s not looking too bad for TikTok either. The firm has managed to find a new lead in terms of monetization and is also doing great in terms of in-app spending.

So the list for the top ten included the following:

Instagram took the lead followed by TikTok and Facebook. WhatsApp came in fourth while Snapchat followed close behind. Facebook Messenger, Telegram, and Meesho were next and the top ten were rounded off by CopCut and WhatsApp Business too.

Thankfully, there was no major decline in app declines when it came down to downloads from the pandemic highs. In fact, it was trending from 8% higher than that observed during Q3 of 2021.

This was driven mainly by growth through Android as consumers managed to download apps around 30 billion times through the Google Play Store when compared to the Apple iOS App Store.

As far as Google’s Play Store was concerned, the leading markets in terms of app downloads arose from India and Brazil. Meanwhile, QoQ growth stats were great for nations like Pakistan, Iraq, and Indian as they were highlighted as the biggest drivers in terms of change from that seen in the previous quarter.

In terms of the App Store, it was the US and China took the lead in terms of the biggest markets by volume.

There were no guesses as to which genre reigned supreme. It was the gaming category that got the most votes while those linked to the world of entertainment were following close behind. But another interesting point worth a mention are themes such as parenting and events which also had similar increases.

Each week, there are nearly a billion gaming applications getting downloaded. And they’re also accounting for the 60% in-app spending put forward where a staggering $1.54 billion is being spent.

You might be surprised to figure out that the top game downloaded isn’t something new. In fact, it’s the age-old Subway Surfers, Stumble Guys, and also the Free Fire. Let’s not forget how Candy Crush continues to dominate.

Consumers spent the most on games like Honor of Kings while games such as Roblox led the pack in terms of the greatest number of monthly users.

It’s interesting to note a small divide in the world of games too. About half of Google Play’s downloads are linked to games. But when you look at the App Store, only a quarter of the downloads were made by gaming apps.

But monetization figures show that apps on Apple’s store were more profitable, despite being in minority, as compared to that seen across the Google Play Store.

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