Are parents conscious about sharing pictures of their children on social media?

We all are very well aware of the fact that what role the internet plays in our daily lives. Every day, there is a new scandal that eventually leads to excessive bullying by the followers in the comments section. Our data is out there in the open to be examined by AI operators as also our search history. That is one of the reasons why we get relatable content according to our moods and likings because google knows everything.

In today’s world, some parents have become quite concerned about this development of tech and how they could harm their children in the worse way possible. Digital savvy parents have stopped uploading their child’s picture online, whether it’s a 12-month birthday party or a celebration. They no longer share their child’s images on their social media accounts.

Most of them have made a pact that they will celebrate all the occasions but without having them uploaded on the internet. Not only because the data they share is eventually tracked by data brokers but also because it is a matter of consent. Consent is of the utmost importance whether it’s a child or an adult, asking permission before uploading the photo is unethical.

Well, you cannot ask a 12-month baby to permit you to upload a picture online. NO? It is the parent's responsibility to refrain from uploading images until the child reaches a sensible age. Parents are most concerned about tech companies stalking their daughters and leaving behind a data trail without their knowledge.

The vast majority of people are still unaware of the online stalking they are receiving from tech companies. They keep uploading images of their child whereas, whereas minority has stopped jumping on the bandwagon.

Furthermore, there is a large number of parents who uses Google Photos as much as everyone. It is a new epoch of people no longer saving their files, documents, and pictures on a USB device. Google photos are the easiest way to store and have a backup of all your docs and images. The main reason why parents are worried about their child’s safety. Google is aware half of your family members are having babies, and some are getting married.

Although private messaging apps like WhatsApp, iMessage and Apple iCloud are said to be used by parents to share photos with friends and family. Without having to worry, about disclosing data to the entire tech team, sharing pictures this way is safer.

Sadly, politicians in some nations, including the United Kingdom, with its bill on online safety, want to break encryption. As they think child abusers are more likely to use these apps to commit heinous crimes against children. The cause is good, but this remains the only platform for parents to share pictures, and if it removes its encryption, then it will become a problem for many. Take a look at below charts from Twingate for more insights:

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