Google’s Pixel Team Mocks Apple Via Tweet Sent Out From ‘Twitter For iPhone’

Time and time again, we see Apple get mocked on Twitter by people who are willing to throw shade on the leading Cupertino firm.

And what’s hilarious is how those people making fun are actually the ones making use of Apple’s iPhone devices to do the deed.

Now, we’re hearing new reports about Google doing the same and failing to learn from so many mistakes made in the past.

Yesterday, the company’s Pixel Team was in the mood of joking around and mocking the firm. And they did it through a tweet published via Twitter for iPhone. Clearly, it was not the best decision in our books for obvious reasons.

While it was definitely deleted at a quicker pace than anticipated, one thing is for sure. The internet can never forgive nor can it forget. Hence, one Twitter user for the site named Ian Zelbo was quick to point out the behavior and the account involved.

He says Google’s Pixel Team was brave enough to send out a mocking response to Apple CEO Tim Cook’s teaser related to ‘Take Note’. For those who may not be aware, that particular line, Take Note, turned into the subject of memes last night. It drew plenty of negative feedback because many felt Apple failed to display originality.

This tagline is also used by Utah’s Jazz NBA team and seeing Apple be unmindful of that was hilarious to some.

So Google opted to join the bandwagon and play around with that theme. They sent out tweets that boldly stated how Team Pixel would assist in bringing many NBA fans nearer to their favorite team than the likes of a regular iPhone by Apple.

They even went about mocking it further by asking users to tell their own favorite NBA teams and that way, they’d be able to allow for better tip-offs during the NBA season than Apple.

After being called out for the hilarious mock response, Google decided to take down the tweet immediately. But wait, they did send it again for a second time. But this time around, they appear to have learned from their mistake. Now, it was published through Twitter for Web.

We hope Google learns its lesson because that’s just plain embarrassment in our books. And so many social media giants and tech firms have done the same. So really, the joke is on them.

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