Google Expands Its Ads Control To YouTube, Search Results, And Discover

We first heard of Google’s My Ad Center during the early part of this year. And now, the company says they’re expanding the feature to include the likes of Search Results, Discover, and YouTube.

The feature is designed to better control what types of advertisements are coming across these designated locations. Hence, after signing in, users get the chance to witness more brands and topics that they adore. Moreover, things they aren’t a fan of won’t be appearing on their screens.

See, the whole idea is to add greater forms of convenience to users so they can find controls and make some necessary changes.

You can think of it as those stand-alone services where users get to review and grab a hold of data collected linked to the time that’s spent across various websites, videos, and even Search. Moreover, they can manage things and review their activity with greater ease too.

The search engine giant says it’s glad it can help out more and more users and although the feature is only launching now, the more people get to learn about it, the more they can benefit from it.

As of right now, the whole personalization process for Google’s ads control is in the hands of the company itself as well as various apps and webpages that belong to third parties. But what is changing is the way things are being included like topics and various brands.

But now, with greater control in the hands of users, Google is giving users the chance to block out personalized ads while advertisers may attain valuable insights regarding what are ads and why it's being blocked.

Google has included a lot more control regarding activities that are utilized to personalize the whole ads experience. Moreover, seeing the expansion of privacy controls like the sources through which data is obtained is also great. From YouTube history to Web and App activities - the list is endless.

You also end up seeing a lot fewer categories that you might not be a fan of like dating, gambling, weight transformation, parenting, etc. In the past, you would find these across features like Display and on YouTube too.

Similarly, you can say hello to advertising disclosures that are enhanced by new advertisers. Going through disclosures across the panel for My Ad Center so particular ads are seen is another feature worth a glance at.

And for those that are bothered the most by features like ad personalization, well, you can now avail the chance to switch it off completely, Yes, ads are going to be popping up still but you’ll find consumers seeing them less frequently or less related to them.

While the options linked to preference data aren’t a lot, the company hopes to see how much change this brings forward if such data is utilized. But for now, Google has zero plans to make user preference information available to advertising companies.

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